Benefits and Insights

Why use GLOVIA G2?

Key differentiators & advantages of GLOVIA G2

  • Fully mobile, universal system – All G2 transactional capabilities can now be conducted on both desktop and mobile devices, including those deploying Android, Apple, and Windows operating systems, using either mouse or touchscreen navigation.
  • HTML5/Java-script user experience – All modules in this manufacturing ERP software feature full functionality across all industry standard browsers including Internet Explorer (Desktop and Metro), Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.
  • Flexible, intuitive navigation – Options for menu-less or traditional navigation and function keys for rapid navigation provide end users with manufacturing ERP software that can
    accommodate any work style preferences, eliminating the need for extensive product training or ERP system experts when switching systems.
  • Improved end-user productivity – A seamless workflow and color-coded, “traffic light” style alerts simplify the work process by providing end users with only the screens and data they need to complete their task.