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  • Revenue Generation: This solution supports revenue generation through its management of inventory, shop floor and manufacturing processes. The program can help users visualize bottlenecks that are slowing down production. By identifying these workflow issues, users can determine actions to improve operations, leading to an increase in profits. 
  • Compliance: Global Shop Solutions includes quality control tools that help to ensure items are made appropriately and per regulatory standards. The solution can also keep track of item quality history to assist with potential audits. 
  • Increased Productivity: The system can increase employee and operational productivity through the automation of tasks, freeing up employee time for different processes. For example, material purchasing can be automated by leveraging historical demand and sales information. 
  • Data Centralization: One of the key benefits of this solution is its centralization of information, which leads to more accurate communication and fewer manual errors. Additionally, automation can be implemented through the sharing of data among different workflows. For example, by using historical transaction information, the system could develop more accurate sales forecasts and, in turn, create material orders in line with estimated demand. 
  • Visibility: Global Shop Solutions contains customizable dashboards to help users develop insights quickly and accurately. For example, basic accounting functions such as budgeting, accounts payable and accounts receivable can be analyzed through a unified dashboard. 

Industry Expertise

Global Shop Solutions was initially founded to assist oil manufacturers. However, since it was founded in 1976, the system has expanded to include support for 20 different manufacturing industries. Some of the sectors listed on its website include aerospace, electronics, machine building, PCB, automotive, energy, rubber, furniture, medical device, metal fabrication, plastics, defense and packaging.

Key Features

  • Shop Management: This feature gives users a real-time overview of the shop floor. It contains information such as variance reports, job costing, material review and performance measurement. Workcenter data is also easily accessible through this tool and includes information such as efficiency reports, load details and backlog reports. Scheduling information is available through the program, along with labor performance management. 
  • Planning and Scheduling: Users can plan for resource needs and material requirements while also developing lead time estimates for jobs. The system uses real-time information to generate sales quotes. A drag-and-drop function is included to make rescheduling or rerouting easier. A Master Schedule Dashboard is included and provides users with visibility of all jobs along with the ability to take action on any job quickly. 
  • Customer Relationship Management: The CRM functionality included in Global Shop Solutions ERP software is available on mobile and enables users to track leads and identify potential prospects while on the go. Customized reporting is available so that employees can track the customer metrics that are most relevant to the business. Job status, invoicing, shipments and quoting information are available in real time. Users can also send emails to clients directly through the application. 
  • Inventory Management: This feature gives users the ability to track information related to material needs, whether it be bill of material cost buildups or inventory data. Some of this tool’s capabilities include history/usage reports, multi-location inventory, product line reports and cycle counting. The program can also automate the purchasing process by using material requirements, purchase history and planning functions to make smart purchases. Vendor material tracking is available through this feature and allows employees to look at cost breakdowns, on-time delivery rates and performance ratings. 
  • Sales Management: The program enables users to manage functions such as shipping, sales orders, customer service, bookings reports and UPS/FedEx integration. Employees can develop customized reports based on specialized company needs. The Open Sales Order Review Dashboard provides visualization of open orders and lets users take actions from a centralized area. Custom sales orders, shipping labels, invoices and bills of lading can also be created with this tool. 
  • Accounting: Global Shop Solutions centralizes processes such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, payroll and other basic accounting functions into a unified location, therefore providing a more comprehensive visualization of company finances. Some of the single-screen dashboards included in the program are AR Aging, AP Aging and AR Collections. User visibility of these sensitive dashboards is based on defined permissions. Organizations can connect their payroll to the general ledger and shop floor information, making the payment process faster and easier. Tax reporting and direct deposit are supported as well. 
  • Quality Control: With this feature, users can analyze scrap trend quantity or costs by vendor, department, date range, workcenter or employee. The program can capture any rejects related to inventory, purchasing or manufacturing and enables users to issue new materials or correct simple problems. Users can maintain a record of all quality control details to meet QC requirements for internal and external needs. Sign-off requirements, tracking and department communications are also included in this feature. 

Global Shop Solutions Suite Support

Global Shop Solutions allows users to access ServiceWeb Advanced User Training online.

phonePhone: The phone number used for assistance varies depending on the location of the company that is requesting help. Users that are located in the United States can speak to representatives in Texas by calling 1-800-364-5958.
schoolTraining: Users can access support online through the ServiceWeb Advanced User Training.

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