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  • Lean Management: The inventory management system prevents unexpected material shortage and replenishment orders based on actual on-the-job demand or inventory. Users can move material, manage inventory and eliminate duplicate entry from their mobile device.  
  • Increased Throughput: With the Smart Scheduling feature, the shop will always schedule at its maximum capacity. It uses the Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR) theory to identify scarce resources in your shop and schedules around them. The result is streamlined production and elevated productivity, which leads to increased throughput. 
  • Integration: The system is equipped with the tools to integrate software, websites and custom development. Share information between different software, multiple businesses, dealers and potential sales outlets. Sync website sales or client portals to the system to share information on products, inventory and in-process jobs. The accounting software tracks job costs and connects finance and accounting with the entire operation.  
  • Time Savings: The vendor management feature allows users to make price inquiries for numerous items to numerous suppliers, so you don’t have to re-enter the same information. The product engineering feature converts CAD designs into BOMs and RFQs to save engineering time.  
  • Seamless Deliveries: The sales order processing and quoting feature ensures accurate quotes and on-time delivery, improving customer relationships. The system integrates with Excel estimation calculation sheets and provides real-time work orders and sales order progress tracking. You may also track ordered items with the solution.  
  • Informed Decisions: Make informed, data-driven decisions with the business intelligence feature. The BI dashboard provides reports and an option to set alerts for your most important activities. 
  • Increased Profitability: From the data reports to sales order information provided, the system helps users arrive at actionable business insights. This visibility leads to increased profitability.  

Industry Expertise

The solution is specifically designed for small-to-midsize SME manufacturers handling make-to-order, engineer-to-order, custom-to-order and assemble-to-order manufacturing. They work within several industries, including but not limited to machinery and equipment; transportation; PV and tank; automation; food and bakery; and mold, tool and die.

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Key Features

  • Inventory Tracking: Users can track inventory by serial number and associate different statuses for material allocation and counting. With the inventory tracking feature, this is all accounted for before the production process even begins. 
  • Scheduling: The system is made available with a Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR) scheduling tool that is based on the Theory of Constraints (TOC). The Smart Scheduling tool streamlines shop floor scheduling by identifying the Drum and then automatically preparing a detailed schedule that maximizes the capacity of the Drum. Buffers and ropes are also put into place — mechanisms that ensure the Drum always operates at maximum efficiency. 
  • Rest API: The Genius REST API contains the following features: 

    •  Determine generic data endpoints to obtain selected and controlled entities in the system 
    •  Every interaction with the API is secure and regulated based entity rules expounded in Genius ERP 
    •  Add and update information concerning attachments, BOMs, shipping, orders, production, Genius configurations and more 
    •  Not confined to a specific technology 
  • CAD2BOOM: Genius CAD2BOOM is a product engineering platform that integrates with SolidWorks or Inventor. Users can view their bill of materials with just one click. 
  • Project Management for Manufacturing: The solution organizes labor capacity utilization based on limited and restricted resources. It schedules hours by capabilities or department and provides real-time visual progression based on the plan and installation site. 
  • Sales Order Processing: The solution offers integration with Excel estimation calculation sheets. It tracks real-time work orders and sales order progress. The solution also applies margins to the sales quotes based on purchase orders and other costs. 
  • Vendor Management: The vendor management feature allows users to make simultaneous price inquiries for multiple items to multiple suppliers and subsequently receive prices from suppliers. The Genius vendor management software features also allow users to reorder items based on minimum stock or to combine purchase lists from multiple orders. 
  • Production Planning: The production planning feature shows a real-time overview of the shop floor. It provides clear instructions for each task and allows employees to carry out their tasks using a set plan. It can schedule and reschedule tasks to provide discernability to the production and sales teams. 
  • Time Cards Module: The solution provides you with employee management through the time cards module. It uses barcode, mobile or touch screen technology to collect time from the factory floor and in the office. 
  • Accounting: The accounting module includes multiple features that cover all of the business processes such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, cash flow and banking management modules. 

  • Genius ERP Suite Support

    To contact support, users can log in to the customer hub or customer portal.

    mail_outlineEmail: Email
    phonePhone: Call 1-877-987-6005.
    schoolTraining: Training sessions may be conducted online, at Genius ERP headquarters or your own office. They will custom-develop training sessions and provide documentation on how to use the system.

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With the implementation of Genius, we're able to see things in-process and we're able to keep histories of job profitability. We know much more now than we ever did.

Genius ERP is at the heart of our business: it has increased our productivity by more than 30%. Genius ERP is a must for all of our company's activities.

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