Benefits and Insights

Why use Fishbowl Warehouse?

Key differentiators & advantages of Fishbowl Warehouse

  • Connectivity: Fishbowl Warehouse can easily integrate with popular software solutions such as QuickBooks and Xero. This makes it easier for users to retain the software that they already use and increases the possibility of a smooth transition. 
  • Accessibility: This program is available for deployment both on-premise or as a cloud-based solution, making it accessible to a range of users with diverse needs. With the SasS option, customers can use the software anytime and anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. 
  • Centralization: This solution connects various business processes and also contains the capability for users to manage multiple production facilities and multiple types of currencies in the same program. This allows users to look at information such as inventory level across the entirety of a company instead of being relegated to looking at data from just one of many warehouses in the business portfolio. 
  • Increase Productivity: Fishbowl Warehouse contains a range of automated functions, including the adjustment of accounting records as inventory changes and the reordering of materials when a set level is reached. By streamlining these workflows, employee time can be freed up for other tasks, therefore creating improved productivity levels. 

Industry Expertise

Fishbowl Warehouse is an effective solution for businesses of a variety of sizes and in different industries. The system is suitable for companies looking to automate and streamline workflows among various departments and is available for deployment both on-site and through the cloud.

Key Features

  • QuickBooks Integration: Fishbowl Warehouse can be easily integrated with QuickBooks, a popular and commonly used accounting solution. By connecting these systems, inventory and accounting records can be instantly adjusted, and duplicate data entry can be reduced. This solution connects with every desktop version of QuickBooks and with QuickBooks online. 
  • Multiple Locations: This program supports the tracking of inventory across a number of locations. It contains constantly updated inventory level information from different warehouses, stores or offices so that transfer needs can be identified and sales trends can be calculated. 
  • Inventory Management: Inventory management is one of the primary functions of Fishbowl Warehouse. The system can create and print barcodes, develop automatic reordering points and receive and track shipments. The program also aims to streamline the process of picking, packing and shipping items. 
  • Order Management: Fishbowl Warehouse lets users create sales orders, pick tickets, purchase orders and other important documents within the program. It also expedites the process of receiving products in the warehouse and contains in-depth reports to assist users in analyzing the efficiency of production facilities. 
  • Part Tracking: This function lets users see where parts are located in a warehouse and can track items by factors such as tag numbers, lot, serial and revision. The program can also develop unit-of-measure conversions and adds up all of the costs that are included in the manufacturing process, including labor. Part levels can also be monitored, and reordering points can be developed so that orders are automatically made when levels get below a certain point. 
  • Shipping: Fishbowl Warehouse contains UPS shipping features in its interface. It can also integrate with shipping companies such as USPS and FedEx and offers plugins that aid in order fulfillment. Items can be transferred to different warehouses, finished goods can be sent to customers and inventory can be received through this tool. 
  • Sales and Purchasing: This feature enables users to set up pricing tiers and save quick lists to streamline order fulfillment. It also assists in vendor relationship management, converting price quotes into sales orders, customizing items and creating discounts or variable pricing for certain customer groups. 


Any software solution comes with its weaknesses. Here are some of the pitfalls associated with Fishbowl Warehouse to keep in mind before making a final software decision.

  •  The solution cannot be installed as a hybrid application 
  •  Does not enable employers to measure the productivity level of their employees by determining various key performance indicators (KPIs) 
  •  Does not support forecasting future labor trends based on past and future trends 
  •  The solution involves a lengthy implementation process and may not be financially viable for small and mid-size organizations 
  •  Does not integrate with Volusion, and shipping tasks can be cumbersome 

Fishbowl Warehouse Suite Support

Fishbowl Warehouse allows users to get assistance through email, phone and online. It also contains a range of free training options along with the ability for users to request on-site training.

mail_outlineEmail: Users can contact Fishbowl's support team by sending an email to [email protected] An online support request form is also available.
phonePhone: Phone assistance is available Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. MT. by dialing 1-800-774-7085 ext. 3. After-hours support is available for $85 per every half hour of support. This offering is accessible Monday-Friday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and on Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Credit card information is required at the beginning of the call.
schoolTraining: Fishbowl Warehouse offers dozens of free online training videos to its users on the Training Videos page of its website. On-site training is also available.

Cost of Ownership for Fishbowl Warehouse

License/Subscription Cost
  • Based on the number of user licenses and the support plan opted for by the customer
  • All user licenses are non-expiring and include access to online training videos and unlimited phone support
  • Price decreases as more users are added
Maintenance Cost User licenses include unlimited user support via phone and access to online training videos
  • Unlimited phone support for calls up to ten minutes for users with an active M & S contract
  • Web-based training hours can be used for setup, problem-solving or touring product features. The number of training hours available varies depending on the number of user licenses purchased
Provides incident support (any support call that exceeds ten minutes) for a specified number of incidents. Additional incidents may be purchased as needed or as a package that includes free incidents
Installation/Implementation Cost For both types of deployments, the installation cost is included in the license cost
Customization Cost For both types of deployments, customization cost varies depending on the functional additions to the actual product, which are based on user requirements
Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching Cost Cost is based on an organization’s existing software, the complexity of data, amount of data, availability of data migration tools and gaps between an organization’s current system and the new system
Recurring/Renewal Costs For both types of deployment, the cost is equivalent to the maintenance and support plan opted for by the users
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