Benefits and Insights

Why use FinancialForce Financial Management?

Key differentiators & advantages of FinancialForce Financial Management

Improve decision making across the organization
Get the financial information you need to make better decisions anytime, anywhere. Identify sweet spots for revenue creation, know when to raise red flags on spending, and keep a hawk eye on cash flow. And FinancialForce serves up the reports and dashboards you need to do it.

Automate the mundane
Give your team the breathing room to focus on strategic decision making. FinancialForce Financial Management solutions will automate repetitive processes, eliminate manual data entry and ensure compliance through system enforced checks and balances and documented audit trails.

Take the sting out of revenue recognition
Get a complete, accurate picture of your organization's revenue. With FinancialForce you get an app that automates recognition calculations, eliminates error-prone and time-intensive spreadsheets, and helps you adhere to key revenue recognition standards.

Stay compliant and in control 
FinancialForce gives you the enterprise class accounting controls to make day-to-day compliance simple to administer and audit friendly. Enforce key controls such as transaction integrity, time stamped audit trails and policy driven approvals.

Shrink reconciliation effort with a single ledger design
The FinancialForce general ledger was built to accommodate your most diverse business requirements and provides the basis for deep financial analysis. Always current, the application provides complete drill down to originating transactions.

Get visibility and control of spend
Get visibility and control of spend across the entire business. FinancialForce will automatically enforce spend policies before a purchase order is even created and helps keep budgets in line.

Leverage the #1 cloud platform
Serve the financial needs of your entire business all on one platform. With FinancialForce on the Salesforce app cloud, you eliminate the costs and risks of synchronizing transactions and master data across different systems, while getting to know everything about your customers at the same time.

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