Benefits and Insights

Why use ERPNext?

Key differentiators & advantages of ERPNext

  • Low Cost: The low cost of this system is a major benefit for businesses with limited resources. The system can be free or users can opt for a priced package with more features. 
  • Developer-Friendly: This ERP system is open source which gives the user strong control over customization. Users have the ability to make the system work with their specific requirements, from editing the system to adding their own apps built with Frappe Framework.  
  • Scalable: Another advantage of this open-source ERP software is the ability to scale as your company grows. The user can avoid reimplementations to add more users or upgrade the software with their open-source model. Additionally, users can pick and choose which modules or customer support they want. 
  • Commitment-Free: ERPNext offers a 14 day free trial for new users that allows them to try out the system on the cloud before making any commitments. The user can quickly launch the trial on the cloud through the ERPNext website. 

Industry Expertise

ERPNext offers industry-specific solutions for a range of industries, including: services, manufacturing, retail, distribution, education, non profit, agriculture and healthcare. The solution works for any size business.

Key Features

  • Financial Accounting: The accounting module manages accounts, transactions and taxes. There are tools for bank reconciliations, payment reconciliations and accounting reports. It can handle multiple currencies, deferred revenue, subscriptions (automatic sales invoices for services sold periodically), keeps track of shareholders and more. 
  • Inventory Management: Inventory basics such as warehouse management, a batching feature and a serial number record are included in this module. A hierarchical location tree and stock movements complete the inventory management module.  
  • Customer Relationship Management: The CRM is an end-to-end solution that tracks the presale process from lead capturing and digital marketing to customer emails and calls. This CRM boasts its customer-centric model with unique features, such as desktop notifications that alert the sales team when a call is coming in. It also has analytics capabilities that can monitor the sales teams’ performance, analyze lead traffic and more. 
  • Human Resources: Leave and attendance tracking, salary lifecycle, payroll, employee performance, recruitment, health insurance, expense claims and more are among the range of HR responsibilities taken care of in this module. 
  • Sales and Purchasing: The selling feature manages sales tasks such as material requisition, quotations, orders and delivery tracking. It can track inventory levels and manage suppliers, shipments and deliverables. It provides a real-time view of sales and purchases with dashboards that allow the user to analyze all critical sales and purchasing data in one place. 
  • Project Management: This module comes with standard project management tools and integrates with billing and cost centers. It keeps deadlines, progress and any project management information in one place. It has time tracking and reporting capabilities. 
  • Asset Management: The fixed asset management solution consists of tools for asset depreciation, asset allocation and movement tracking. This is an end-to-end solution that manages the entire asset lifecycle. This feature can also help with purchasing and selling assets. 


Some of the product limitations include:
  •  ERPNext doesn’t allow multi-sessions. 
  •  ERPNext doesn’t offer batch processing. 
  •  The accounting module lacks the offset feature, isn’t easy to integrate with dot printers and doesn’t support continuous paper printing. 
  •  The production planning tool (within the manufacturing industry solution) isn’t user friendly.  

ERPNext Suite Support

ERPNext users often use the online forum to discuss troubleshooting technical issues. The solution offers support in the form of bug fix warranty, server support, product support, upgrade support, in-app support and security alerts.
mail_outlineEmail: To report an issue, users should first email [email protected]
phonePhone: If the issue is not resolved, call +91-22-4897055.
schoolTraining: Training videos are available for training at
local_offerTickets: When you submit a support request, a ticket is automatically generated. You can check the status of open tickets from inside the application.

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