Benefits and Insights

Why use ERP-One?

Key differentiators & advantages of ERP-One

  • Competitive edge: Provides significant operational enhancements to maintain your edge by quickly adjusting to current market trends
  • Inventory reduction: integrated warehouse management software with RF barcode scanning systems, and strong planning and forecasting capabilities
  • Efficient business processes: Eliminate handwritten orders and automate inventory processes to deliver increased accuracy and user efficiency
  • Cost reduction: ERP-ONE allows you to take on more customers without needing to expand your payroll.
  • Improved communication: Being an interconnected software solution means that current and historical data from any part of your process flow is easily accessible across your organization
  • User friendly: Highly intuitive, easy-to-navigate user interface. Drill down to critical data effortlessly. Invoices and reminders can be automatically generated and sent via fax or email directly from the software
  • Custom reporting: With secure mobile apps, users have the flexibility to review real-time data and reports necessary for off-site strategy sessions or customer sales meetings
  • Increased security: Improved data integrity and security allows you to keep vital data safe

ERP-One Reviews

The following reviews for ERP-One are taken from the SelectHub ReviewFeed which collects and aggregates reviews from across a variety of online review platforms.

Consumer Products
business growth with ERP
We could never have grown our business if we had stayed on our old system - the POSB and other enhancements are awesome!
Consumer Products
Powerful, comprehensive ERP system with great customer service
Very powerful, scalable - Excellent customer service for implementation AND ongoing needs - Quick adoption for new employees - Plentiful features and programs
We have been using Distribution One's ERP product for about 6 years now. Overall, we are very pleased with the system, and we cannot imagine trying to conduct our daily business on any other software.
Very easy to use
I love the simplicity of the software, very easy to understand.
Sometimes it takes a long time to load and then goes to "expired" page, that is the only issue we have experienced.
Take your time learning the software because it could be confusing at first.
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