Benefits and Insights

Why use ePROMIS?

Key differentiators & advantages of ePROMIS

  • Multi-Company Management: ePROMIS' web-based, cloud, and on-premise ERP system provides business owners a right and an adequate channel of tracking and auditing company performance across various operations. It provides the parent company with real-time operational as well as financial data for all its subsidiary organizations despite their geographical location. The system is furnished with multi-company management abilities so it can manage financial consolidation required for separate subsidiary companies along with multi-company reporting and business intelligence.
  • EAS (Electronic Approval System): ePROMIS offers Electronic Approval System, a workflow management system created to provide complete visibility of the approval processes in an organization and therefore helps minimizes any obstacles while obtaining approvals, eliminating paper usage. EAS also improves the work efficiency as the system manages all the documents and that enables a paper-free office atmosphere.
  • Enterprise Mobility: ePROMIS offers a dedicated mobile app for iOS & Android platforms. These applications offer encrypted communication and secured gateway. ePROMIS' native mobile application also lets the mobile workforce access and share enterprise information and perform various tasks.
  • Bring your own device (BYOD): ePROMIS Enterprise "On the Go" supports BYOD trend which improves the workforce productivity. This strategy permits employees to bring personally owned devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones to the workplace, and use those devices to access privileged company information and applications.
  • Asset Lifecycle Management: ePROMIS Enterprise offers an Asset Management Software system providing real-time analysis of assets. It helps carry out various factors in the asset life-cycle, including performance assessment, maintenance, depreciation, and other factors in a highly productive and efficient manner.
  • Device Independence: ePROMIS Enterprise works on HTML5 technology and allows users to get connected to all ePROMIS applications from any device. Without installing Flash, Silverlight, ActiveX or any other underlying technology on the device, it simply runs enterprise applications on an HTML5 compatible browser.