Benefits and Insights

Why use EFACS E/8?

Key differentiators & advantages of EFACS E/8

  • Built using the latest internet technology, EFACS E/8 incorporates a wide range of modules including Product Management, Change Control, Manufacturing, Production Planning, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Finance, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Field Service, Document Management, and many more.
  • EFACS E/8 has a component structure that enables an economic and precise fit to the most demanding of business requirements. It is browser, XML and Java based, and operates on a wide range of servers, operating systems and leading databases.
  • Easily customisable, either via an integral customisation toolkit, or via the software authors themselves; EFACS E/8 is bringing real world benefits to organisations in many different industries by allowing a precise fit to their IT requirements regardless of their size or the complexity of the manufacturing process.