Benefits and Insights

Why use EasyERP?

Key differentiators & advantages of EasyERP

  •  Speed
    ERP is built on JavaScript and NoSQL DB. Tech stack is BackboneJS, NodeJS & MongoDB. Such stack provides faster work compared with other solutions.

  • Flexible platform
    We plan to implement hybrid SQL: MongoDB and Postgre, BigData analysis. Import/export and integration with other solutions. It is very easy to implement new modules.

  •  Open-source
    Code is open-source and available for everyone without any limitations.

  • User-friendly UX/UI
    We implement modern design trends in UX&UI. Interface is easy, light and predictive to work with.

  • New request & improvements
    We are open for new requests and improvements. All changes & updates are implemented very fast. Users build the future vision, bringing best ideas to life

  • Maturity
    ERP is ready to use and accepts customization. We support our partners to launch and benefit from it.