Benefits and Insights

Why use Dynamics 365 ERP?

Key differentiators & advantages of Dynamics 365 ERP

  • Improve Win Rates and Conversions: Filter customer favorites using lead scoring based on advanced models.  
  • Increase Response Rates: Supports introductions for coworkers meeting, emailing and collaborating with prospective customers, increasing response rates.  
  • Shows How Customers Interact: Recommends talking points and shows sellers how customers read their emails, which lets users improve response times and be more proactive.  
  • Unifies Data: Integrates with Linkedin Sales Navigator to unify relationship processes and data for improved relationship management.  
  • Track Contacts: Uses interactive organization charts to visualize relationships and track contacts.  
  • Personalize Sales Documents: Personalize sales documents and collaborate with sellers.  
  • Reduce Time Spent on Content: Recommends relevant content and seller training with its sales enablement facility.  
  • Streamline Workflows: Streamline workflows and planning with the help of intuitive tools like SharePoint, Outlook and Excel and mobile applications. It also supports augmented predictive forecasting.  
  • Promote Accountability: Supports snapshots and flow visualizations for better analysis and pipeline tracking.  

Industry Expertise

Microsoft Dynamics ERP helps users build end-to-end solutions. It has a powerful business intelligence system that helps users make confident and informed business decisions. It also supports custom apps, helping users turn ideas into business solutions. With its help, users can boost productivity by automating business processes. Users can build chatbots without writing a line of code to engage with employees and customers.

Key Features

  • Sales Insights: Supplements seller-generated forecasts and reduces bias and errors with forecasts driven by artificial intelligence. Has a mobile assistant that provides proactive suggestions. Transcribes conversations and makes it easy to point out customer needs.  
  • Customer Insights: Supports an intuitive customer data platform to deliver customized support that unifies and gives a single view of customer data. Lets users connect to Microsoft Power BI to generate customized reports. Build custom applications with Microsoft Power Apps.  
  • Virtual Agent: Lets customer service teams automate support issues using chatbots and integrate it with Power Virtual Agents using prebuilt connectors.  
  • Fraud Protection: Equipped with fraud protection features that help protect users’ e-commerce business, improve users’ shopping experience and achieve higher revenue. Adaptive AI inclusions learn from patterns and help fraud managers optimize fraud controls.  
  • Finance Insights: Lets companies manage cash flows using cash flow forecasting, client payment recommendation and intelligent budget proposals.  
  • Remote Assist: Helps users work together as it is a mixed reality tool that enables instant collaboration. Extracts order information from schematics and field service.  
  • Product Visualize: Helps users answer customer needs with mixed reality. Lets users plant a 3D digital image of a product in their client’s working environment, allowing them to explore and take notes about their needs.  
  • Guides: Increase training effectiveness by understanding how employees perform with Guides, Microsoft’s mixed reality application.  


As of this review, these limitations are current:

  •  New users may not find it user-friendly as it has many sessions that disturb the flow of data.  
  •  The interface lags, and pages refresh very slowly.  
  •  The CRM dashboard has a confusing user interface and is difficult to configure and navigate.  
  •  Support is not up to date with software updates.  
  •  Implementation and integration can be difficult due to consistent errors and roadblocks. 
  •  Outlook connections are difficult to use. 

Suite Support

Customers can contact their Dynamics 365 ERP online administrator for support.
mail_outlineEmail: Users can send a contact request by submitting their details on the website.
phonePhone: Users from North America can call 1-800-865-9408; users from Australia can call 1-800-197-503; users from the United Kingdom can call 0-800-032-6417. Users can view other country-specific numbers on Dynamics’ support website.
schoolTraining: Users can access forums, blogs, how-to articles and get help from experts and peers on the community forum. They also get access to training videos and certifications on the website.
local_offerTickets: Ticketing options are not stated on the website.

Dynamics 365 ERP Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

4070 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • User Friendly: The system is easy to use and intuitive, as noted by approximately 84% of users who mention its usability.
  • Functionality: Microsoft Dynamics ERP offers a robust suite of successful business management tools, as reported by 64% of the users who mention the product’s functionality.
  • Collaborative: About 100% of users who mention collaboration noted that this system helps bridge the gap between customers and sales teams.
  • Integrations: Available integrations help add value to the base product, as reported by 66% of reviewers who mention integrations.
  • Customization: 100% of the users who mentioned the tool’s customization capabilities think this feature made them more efficient.


  • Cost: Nearly 94% of users who mentioned cost reported that Microsoft Dynamics ERP’s premium offerings were too expensive for smaller businesses.
  • Interface: About 50% of users who mentioned the user interface noted that the software’s advanced features were not intuitive.
  • Implementation: The implementation process requires an expert developer, and can be difficult according to 60% of reviewers who mention implementation.
  • Support: Support for the system can be slow, with some users noting that their support response time is high, as reported by 70% of users who mention support.
  • Learning Curve: Nearly 92% of the users who mention the learning curve think that using the system to its fullest requires proper instruction. Some features are difficult to use or locate, and detailed user guides are not available.

Researcher's Summary:

Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides a robust suite of business management tools that most users find easy to use and accessible. It’s features support all critical management tasks that help users organize and streamline their processes. Collaborative features help boost teamwork and streamline task assignments. However, its user interface is difficult to navigate through, and recent updates have made it buggy. It does not support pipeline management, and some users have found additional features to be expensive. It is available only as a part of a Unified Operation Plan.

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