Benefits and Insights

Why use CGI Advantage?

Key differentiators & advantages of CGI Advantage

  • Performance Budgeting: This feature of CGI Advantage ERP helps users with automating the budgeting process. Automation can lead to better planning and improvement of operational and financial performance. Better planning can also lead to higher levels of efficiency and stronger forecasting. 
  • Multiple Budget Sources: It supports multiple budget sources, allowing users to combine and view all types of debt on one screen. 
  • Budgeting and Funding Control: CGI Advantage provides users absolute control over budgeting and funding. It supports multi-year budgeting and has variable control structures. 
  • Improved Accounting: The app supports pre-encumbrance and encumbrance accounting. It also assigns government charts of account attributes. 
  • Compliance and Transparency: It provides users with comprehensive and dedicated annual financial reports for compliance and transparency. 
  • Complex Acquisition Support: It supports the government's complex requirements for acquisitions. It can also be configured to address union mandates and government regulations. 
  • Employee Management: It increases the measurement of employee KPIs and allows users to view and manage them.

Industry Expertise

CGI Advantage ERP is a highly configurable tool that helps users lower the total cost of ownership. CGI focuses on developing software services for local and state governments. It is an independent IT and business services organization that hosts, develops, supports and implements integrated software aimed specifically at the government. It also has clients from the public sector who are interested in product direction. It is designed for large, multi-stakeholder environments. 

Key Features

  • Financial Management: It helps with accountability across all levels of the organization through the implementation of accounting rules for all transactions. This tracks and controls both annual and multi-year budgets, and internal and external funding. 
  • Human Resource Management: CGI Advantage ERP helps streamline payroll and HR processes right from hiring to retirement. It helps with processes such as timekeeping, employee onboarding and payroll. It also provides employees with direct access, which they can use to manage leave and benefits. 
  • Procurement: It consolidates the procurement lifecycle and helps build vendor relationships. It uses functions, tools and best practices suited to governmental operations for efficient procurement and spending. 
  • Case Management: CIG Advantage’s capabilities help users automate processes to create and manage cases. This helps enable collaboration, workflow automation and performance and risk reporting capabilities. 
  • Obligation Recovery: This feature automates liens, correspondence, judgments and garnishments. It also brings together all debt with the goal of increasing revenue without increasing tax payable. 
  • Business Intelligence: This feature of CGI Advantage unlocks data for better decisions. Through elaborate business reports, interactive dashboards and ad hoc queries it facilitates measurement of KPIs. 
  • Compliance and Security: It ensures rigorous security, lowering risk and promoting future-oriented compliance.

CGI Advantage Support

CGI Advantage ERP organizes a CGI forum every year. The forum helps members of the CGI Advantage community to leverage solutions offered by CGI to increase operational efficiency and give transparency to the constituents.

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