Benefits and Insights

Why use CannaBusiness?

Key differentiators & advantages of CannaBusiness

  • Optimize Production: With CannaBusiness ERP, you can avoid material shortages by anticipating demand ahead of time. The system also supports efficient production scheduling and automation of certain business processes such as location tracking and CAPA. 
  • Scale Operations: As your business grows in size, this solution can grow with you. It works well for startups, enterprises and those in between. It easily adapts to growth because its IT infrastructure and servers aren’t complicated to use. 
  • Comply with Regulations: One of the bedrocks of the cannabis industry is compliance with legal requirements. CannaBusiness ERP supports compliance reporting for the United States and Canada, along with ACMPR regulations. 
  • Visualize Key Metrics: The program offers dashboards and audit reports for your company’s KPIs. This makes developing actionable insights a quicker process through recognition of aspects such as shifts in cost, inventory, etc. 

Industry Expertise

CannaBusiness ERP is specifically suited for those in the cannabis industry. It supports cultivation, harvest, plant processing, tracking and delivery to provide a comprehensive solution to producers and distributors.

Key Features

  • Financial and Operational Management: CannaBusiness ERP includes multiple currencies and areas of operations. It can comply with the compliance needs of various geographic locations. This feature also provides data tracking for metrics such as costs, strain, processes and HR. These insights are represented and shared through dashboards, reports and issue alerts. 
  • Governance and Compliance: The program can track compliance for US State and Health Canada needs. It also complies with other global regulations and ACMPR. This tool comprehensively tracks materials throughout the production process to support compliance efforts. 
  • Seed-to-Sale Traceability: CannaBusiness ERP enables you to maximize your field resources and manage all activities associated with your grow operations. You can track plants both forward and backward and coordinate the manufacturing process for continuous grow operations. RFID tracking and barcoding are also included to reduce rates of manual errors. 
  • Client Management: The platform supports both B2B and B2C e-commerce strategies. The system also manages recreational clients and includes CRM functionality with capabilities such as social listening. 
  • Supply Chain Management: This function coordinates supply chain processes and supports logistics and global warehousing. The system also includes MRP, demand forecasting and modeling tools. The program integrates with dispensary POS systems to provide a comprehensive cannabis ERP solution. 
  • Quality Control and Recall Management: CannaBusiness ERP monitors quality controls and can quickly issue recalls in minutes if something goes wrong. Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) is automated in the tool. Additionally, users can track any differentiation between expected production and actual production amounts. 

CannaBusiness ERP Suite Support

NexTec makes it easy to open support tickets online and offers guided virtual assistance as well. Its training options are configured to meet your unique needs and leverages your level of knowledge to ensure that the program isn’t too rudimentary or advanced for your skillset.

mail_outlineEmail: Support can be reached by sending a message to [email protected]
schoolTraining: NexTec customizes its training programs to the knowledge of each individual. Courses are taught by seasoned professionals.
local_offerTickets: Helpdesk tickets are created by emailing the NexTec support team. You can also use GoToAssist on the vendor’s support page to chat with a representative, who can share your screen and help you fix technical issues.