Benefits and Insights

Why use BioTrackTHC?

Key differentiators & advantages of BioTrackTHC

  • All-in-one System: BioTrackTHC offers an all-in-one solution that can manage operations from seed to sale. Its system can control cultivation operations, processing/manufacturing and dispensary point-of-sale. This reduces the need for disparate systems to optimize various aspects of your workflow. 
  • Security: The program leverages security standards such as password encryption, two-factor authentication, database encryptions and inactivity timeouts. User permission settings can also be enabled so you know who is viewing what information, and you can segment visibility based on a user’s need to access sensitive data. The system logs every action performed in the solution, so you know how everyone is using it and what they are looking at. 
  • Reports/Data-Driven Insights: BioTrackTHC offers more than 100 reports in its system that are customizable and can be utilized based on your company’s unique needs. If a report that you need isn’t available, the BioTrackTHC team can build it for you. The reports are easy-to-use through their drag-and-drop functionality, which lets you quickly display and export relevant information. You can also develop proprietary reports through SQL with this program. It can export files in PDF, CSV or HTML formats. 
  • Custom Workflows: The program is built to align with your company’s unique workflows. On-Site Assistance team members can come to your place of business to help ensure that your workflows are optimized and seamlessly handled through the program. 
  • Labeling: BioTrackTHC lets you customize labels to convey information such as ingredients, nutrients, compliance requirements and business info. You can feature logos, contact info and other brand information on your labels as well. 

Industry Expertise

BioTrackTHC is an ERP solution for companies in the cannabis industry. It supports operations in multiple geographic locations and includes all-in-one functionality related to processes such as cultivation operations, processing, manufacturing and dispensary POS systems.

Key Features

  • Cultivation Operations: The cultivation operations component of BioTrackTHC supports elements such as yield forecasting and genealogy tracking. It collects and measures harvest data to help facilitate larger yields. It can also keep track of cross-breeding, clone potency results and plant genetics. Users can set up customized processes to make weighing wet and dry plant by-products easier, while also grading product quality upon curing. Past harvest data is accessible along with information regarding any applied nutrients or pesticides and strain notes containing information on light and watering cycles. 
  • Processing and Manufacturing: The processing and manufacturing tools can help ensure that your business complies with all necessary regulations and standards. It also supports conversion tracking and retains a chain of custody that logs product notifications, cost per-gram calculations and any recalls. Invoices and purchase orders can be quickly generated through this function along with transportation manifests that contain vehicle, cargo and driver information. You can add details to your inventory items and print relevant information on labels, including expiration dates, ingredients and potency. 
  • Dispensary POS: This capability can apply discounts automatically and supports loyalty points programs. It can create discounts based on factors such as product, time, date and brand. With differing cannabis purchase limits in place across geographic areas, the system can ensure that you don’t over dispense products to your customers by tracking based on equivalency and type. Out-of-the-box CRM functionality in BioTrackTHC includes the ability to target text and email campaigns based on purchase history, favorite products, birthday and more. It also supports automated data entry and customer profiles. 
  • Partner Integrations: Available integrations offer digital menu boards, online ordering and advanced CRM tools. Equipment and hardware are directly integrated into your specialized solution and include printers, scales, terminals, etc. Corporate security partners that specialize in the cannabis industry are also available and can help with secure transport, armed guarding, camera systems and integrated security technology. Official partners include springbig, MainStem, RMBP, Helix TCS and Creative Cannabis Group. 
  • State Integrations: BioTrackTHC is the only cannabis ERP solution that’s completely integrated with all METRC state systems. With this integration, you can report all your compliance data automatically to your respective state’s METRC tracking system, regardless of the license that you hold. The program is also fully integrated with Leaf Data Systems in Washington and the BioTrackTHC state systems for each state. 
  • Deployment Options: This program is available for deployment both on-premise and through the cloud. It’s currently the only option on the market that can be hosted locally. Its cloud offering is highly secure through the use of AWS cloud hosting standards. 
  • Inventory Management: The inventory management function enables you to audit the entirety of your inventory, whether you are producing a wide range of products or just a handful, making sure all data is present and nothing has slipped through the cracks. You can also leverage reports that address compliance requirements and monitor KPIs through this tool. The program is NTEP Certified and allows you to look at and track product details down to the milligram.&nsp;

BioTrackTHC Suite Support

Phone and email support are available to BioTrackTHC users. For customers that want additional training to increase their knowledge of the system, online video tutorials are readily available for self-paced learning.

mail_outlineEmail: Users can ask for technical and training/functionality support online at There are buttons on the website where users indicate what type of support they need. After clicking on the relevant support type, you can enter details to receive assistance as soon as possible.
phonePhone: Technical support can be accessed by dialing 1-844-420-8324. BioTrackTHC’s hours of operation are Monday - Friday from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. EST and from Saturday to Sunday from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. EST.
schoolTraining: BioTrackTHC offers video tutorials online through its website. Users can inquire about training on the contact page of the website for additional information. BioTrackTHC representatives are also available to walk organizations through setup, employee training and more through on-site assistance.