Benefits and Insights

Why use Agility ERP?

Key differentiators & advantages of Agility ERP

  • Manage your entire operation from one place. Integrated inventory management links your sales, purchasing, accounting, and remanufacturing processes. Live data means you can track products, orders, and deliveries in real-time
  • Get total visibility into your inventory flow. Prevent shrinkage by tracking product from receiving and remanufacturing through shipping and invoicing
  • Know your business down to the penny. Get real-time financials and precise cost allocation. Knowing true costs lets you give more competitive quotes while protecting your margins
  • Find what you need, when you need it. Search inventory and log tags across branches, down to the piece count and board lengths in a tallied lumber unit
  • Streamline your product catalog. Simplify inventory control by dramatically reducing the volume of items in your system. Use a single item code for all sizes and colors of a product.
  • Optimize your inventory. Suggested purchasing shows the best time to buy so you have high-demand items in stock when you need them. Reduce over-purchasing and dead stock
  • Customize Point of Sale (POS) around your processes. Customize sales order entry to include only the fields you need, in the order you need them. Design interfaces for an entire department or specific employees
  • Flexible and detailed reporting. Create customized, automated reports for open payables, financials, delivery times, rebates, sales performances, and account activity. Real-time financial data means reports are always current