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Key differentiators & advantages of abas ERP

  • Upgrade Capabilities: One of the system’s benefits is its unrestricted ability to upgrade. It combines continuous development with uncomplicated release changes to provide the latest technological advances, even for users running highly customized systems. All changes, adjustments and expansions are automatically integrated into the system. 
  • Standardization and Customization: Abas ERP combines the apparent contradictions between standardization customization. It uses tried-and-tested, industry-standard workflows as a guideline for process modeling. At the same time, it adapts to the client’s unique requirements for every workflow.  
  • Mobility: The software makes the whole business mobile. Using a browser-based web client, teams can access the ERP installation anywhere, anytime. A broad range of mobile apps provides additional functions tailored to the needs of individual departments. for example, for use in production and warehousing or for sales and service representatives. 
  • ERP Experience: Abas ERP offers the combination of broad SME experience in worldwide projects, an agile ERP system, and a best practice strategy developed to ensure proper implementation of the ERP system as per the client’s requirements. 
  • Data-Driven Decisions: BI and analytics allow users to make well informed, data-driven decisions. Dashboards provide visual reports of your company’s scheduling, cost planning, procurement, lead times and financial figures. The purchasing feature helps purchasers make decisions by providing access to the information they need to evaluate suppliers accurately. 

Industry Expertise

The software is designed for manufacturers and distributors with 50-2,000 employees. Specific, tailored solutions are made available for several industries, such as automotive and supply, custom manufacturing, electronics, industrial machinery, component production (particularly metals processing and plastics), and make-to-order and small series production.

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Key Features

  • Production Planning: The system automates production planning for schedulers. It combines your relevant planning data, including sales orders with minimum stock replenishment orders, machine utilization with lead times and delivery dates with procurement deadlines. It generates work order suggestions and machine allocations, and it takes deadlines and capacities into account as it carries that task out. Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) shows the user their production capacities, potential or actual bottlenecks and streamlines sequences. 
  • Liquidity Planning: The liquidity planning feature manages cash forecasting and planning. The system starts with your current liquidity level, your outstanding items from purchasing and sales as well as delivery and invoice commitments. The system then adds or deducts these items over across a definable time axis. Individual configuration options are available for all other planned payments and receipts. 
  • Webshop: The solution allows the creation of a B2B webshop or customer portal. The webshop allows customers to find products with their individual prices and discounts, check product availability and place orders. Users can browse products and view and place orders or quotes within the customer portal. Users only need to create price and catalog structures once in the ERP system; they are transferred from there to the customer portal or webshop in real-time. 
  • abas Connect: The integration platform abas Connect equips companies to be “IoT ready” — this means that your systems are connected and can efficiently collect and exchange data. The middleware enables communication between any number of applications and allows for adaptability and system integration, including third-party systems. 
  • KPIs: The solution provides an overview of all the KPIs of an organization based on real-time data. These KPIs include revenue & contribution margin development, production of key figures, opportunities, accounts receivable, liabilities, or liquidity. The KPIs are presented in the form of manageable dashboards that highlight critical processes. 
  • Business Process Management: Abas BPM models and optimizes business processes across systems and companies. Tasks are structurally processed in a workflow either automatically in abas ERP and other systems, or by persons and groups within an organization. Individual tasks can have deadlines attached to them as well as notifications for reminders. The user is able to view processing times for individual steps and evaluate bottlenecks within that process. They are also able to simulate “what if” scenarios. 

abas ERP Suite Support

phonePhone: Users may call the support team with any questions they may have. The support phone number is provided to current customers only.
schoolTraining: Abas offers interactive trainings and workshops through abas Academy. They use both on-site training and eLearning for their training courses. They also provide documents for download by request, you just need to register.

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Abas seemed more modern, a newer offering with better UI, more modern developments and enhancements. They are continuously updating the software, as opposed to other vendors which aren't, and investing in technologies like cloud, mobile and IoT.

A note from abas ERP

Abas ERP customers are small and mid-sized manufacturers who appreciate a software partner that develops a deep understanding of their operations, challenges and goals. Abas ERP offers on-premise and cloud solutions for manufacturing and manufacturing/distribution companies with these specialties: Tool and die, auto after-market, stamping, mold making and casting, fabrication and assembly, machining, and more. Solutions for production, warehousing, purchasing, management, finance and service.

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