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  • aACE CRM is powerful Contact Relationship Management software for Mac and PC. Part of the aACE Business Suite, CRM helps you manage relationships and provides a sophisticated billing and quoting infrastructure.
  • aACE Accounting software for Mac and PC is a five-journal accounting solution. Integrated with the CRM and ERP portions of the aACE Software, aACE Accounting allows managers to track a sale from the lead to the balance sheet without duplicate data entry.
  • aACE Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Mac and PC seamlessly integrates sales, operations, and accounting allowing businesses to increase the speed and accuracy of their operations via time savings throughout the day. These incremental efficiencies accumulate and can result in dramatic improvements for a company’s bottom line.
  • Pick, Pack, and Ship. aACE features robust processes for managing the pick, pack, and ship process. Our Shipping Log module supports incoming shipments (receiving), outgoing shipments, and both incoming and outgoing returns.
  • Manage projects by deliverable or phase. Create jobs to manage specific aspects of a project. A job can be a deliverable, a phase, and have as many tasks as required.
  • Automate and streamline operations with ease
  • Engage users with a clean layout and intuitive design
  • Function efficiently and with full compatibility across platforms (Windows and Mac)
  • Share information automatically with stakeholders using customizable notifications and reminders
  • Track activity and integrate email
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100 - 499
A complete system + custom solutions
Fully-integrated system from sales to GL. Customization available within the system. Ease of export of data for reports
Not the most intuitive at times (although I believe that is being addressed in the latest version). Slow system.
I have been an aACE user for about 8 years and I find myself constantly impressed with functionality and use of the system. aACE offers a wide range of reports and views that allow me and my coworkers visibility to the things we need in order to manage our clients and projects. Additionally, working with the aACE team has been incredible. Their team is thoughtful and readily available. They are open to talk through specific business problems and offer up solutions that cater to our needs. The customization available in this system is helpful for our business -- allowing us to create unique reports and views that are specific to our projects and clients.
2 - 9
aACE was a Critical Component to the Success of our Company's Future
The software does what you'd expect from an ERP and the user interface is not complicated or hurried in menus. It's all right in front of you!
Nothing that wasn't quickly taken care of. Anytime their support documentation online didn't have the answers I was looking for, aACE had a quick response through my support rep. I'm happy to see the continued growth of the online documentation.
I'm the IT administrator for our company. Coming off Quickbooks, we found that QB just wasn't offering us all the flexibility and horsepower we needed from an ERP. It needed to handle all the complexities of our day to day operations, give us the reports we needed, integrate into our existing process - and then fade into the background as everyone became comfortable with it to get the job done. aACE has done all that. It transformed our order fulfillment process during implementation by helping us see trouble spots in our processes. aACE was able to customize a few key components for us very intelligently that now just work. Exactly the way we need them to. Employee adoption was slow to start, like most ERP's, but now even our most technology-adverse employees use aACE as reliably as the notepad beside their mouse. Three years later, we're going strong and preparing to launch new initiatives to promote future growth. That process requires a lot of thought and preparation, but one thing we don't have to worry about is if aACE can handle it. There have been several occasions in our company strategy meetings where the question is asked "Can aACE do that?" and it's a pleasure every time when I get to say, "Yeah that's already built in." The software is intuitive, smart, and reliable. Sometimes I check my aACE server uptime just to see how long it's been since the last restart because we don't have issues with it. It just works for months on end. As a technology professional, I was sensitive to the aesthetics, workflow and usability of the software - all important qualities for it to be a "fade into the background" kind of solution. From first glance to present day, I'm continually impressed by how aACE works the way you expect it to. I've had a chance to demo the aACEv5 environment and on top of it being a welcomed face-lift, the attention to detail in new features and how existing features were improved is uncanny. You can tell the developers have an eye for detail and are not afraid to scrap, redo and improve. I can't wait to launch aACE 5 in our organization!
100 - 499
The support and their willingness to work with us on every request.
Cons: We have not experienced any.
Changing software can be the biggest nightmare, and I am ever grateful that we chose to change to aAce. We have been using aAce for 8+ years and going with their advanced intergrated software was our best decision ever. It was necessary for the software to be customized to our needs. We manufacture men's custom dress shirts, and tracking inventory is critical to us. This software works better than we ever hoped. The best part is their support team, which is exceptional, being prompt, knowledgeable and professional. No virtual attendants here. Thank you aAce for becoming part of our company.
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