Top 20 Machine Shop Management Software

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Machine shop software is an enterprise resource planning program that automates a variety of scheduling, reporting and tracking tasks. The best machine shop programs include manufacturing resource planning, which coordinates orders with manufacturing schedules. Since warehouse management is a challenge for many companies, it is important to understand the benefits of warehouse management software as an inclusion. Many machine shop software programs today run on the cloud. When you debunk the common cloud ERP myths, managing a machine shop with cloud-based software is easier than ever.

Top 20 Machine Shop Software

When purchasing machine shop software solutions, be sure to pick one that fits your industry. These are some of the top machine shop software programs to consider.

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1. Global Shop Solutions

This program helps lower setup costs and improves your ROI. It automates purchases while communicating with manufacturing schedules to ensure ample inventory. Also, it tracks production metrics to help your workforce meet and exceed challenging goals.

2. E2 Shop System

As one of the top programs for comprehensive benefits, E2 excels in every aspect of floor control. If your company uses a make-to-order production model, this program has multiple benefits to connect the processes and help you see the bigger picture throughout the entire cycle.

3. MIE Trak Pro

With its simple drag-and-drop format, this program handles a variety of tasks from accounting and payroll to maintenance scheduling and inventory tracking. It is designed to optimize custom, repetitive and quick-turn production cycles. MIE Trak Pro also offers: APS scheduling, MRP for inventory, integrates with CAD/CAM and nesting software.

4. PolyPM Solutions

This program is designed specifically for apparel manufacturers. The integrated platform is ideal for optimizing tasks and improving ROI. Its features include everything from style development and manufacturing planning to distribution planning and customer management.

5. Datacor Chempax

Chempax is designed specifically for the chemical industry, and its features address the industry’s unique challenges such as regulatory requirements and shipping issues. The production cycle management and supplier management features are especially helpful.

6. Statii

This multi-user program makes work more efficient and improves communication with its wizard system for task management. There are real-time updates and a simple interface with drop-down menus. From plastics to electronics, this versatile program is ideal for a wide range of industries.


With this simple program, you can manage your manufacturing software and ERP software. Use it to generate work orders, create schedules, plan labor, track engineering changes and create visual guides. It excels in all administrative tasks.

8. SAP Business One

If you have a small workforce, this is an ideal program. It has a variety of tools for in-depth analysis of accounting, inventory management and manufacturing. The program was designed for a global user base, which makes its functionality across more than 60 countries a must-have for international businesses.

9. Oracle JD Edwards

This program’s flexible integration capabilities make it useful in every department from accounting to distribution. It is scalable to fit any size of business and supports several currencies and languages. Also, it is compatible with IFRS requirements.

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10. ProfitFAB ERP

With its special design for small make-to-order and OEM companies, ProfitFAB brings a host of benefits to the table. Some examples include tree report assembly, bill material evaluation, quote histories, job cost estimation, labor tracking and more.

11. WorkWise ERP

The main benefit of this program is its 45 applications that make role building simple in any department. It is intuitive, easy to learn and offers a wide array of manufacturing tools. The program uses SQL for more flexibility.

12. OmegaCube ERP

If your main goal is workflow automation, this program will not disappoint. It focuses mostly on manufacturing and distribution tasks. Its integrated modules make everything from accounting to business intelligence easy for a variety of industries.

13. ProcessPro Premier

This software is easy to use and very intuitive. The program addresses your industry’s specific needs whether you are in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or food and beverage. From regulatory compliance to lot tracking, this program has extensive features.

14. ProfitKey ERP

This comprehensive program covers every facet of accounting such as invoicing and order placement. With the special ledger tool, you can quickly view financials from several periods at once and create customized reports.

15. Henning Visual EstiTrack

For smaller businesses, this one-solution program covers everything from HR tasks and financial reporting to manufacturing execution. It is intuitive, and EstiTrack comes with Henning’s legendary implementation, training and support.

16. Metasystems ICIM And Accelerated ERP

With resource management, inventory control and other beneficial features, this program is flexible enough to fit the unique needs of most types of manufacturers. If you run an ETO company, this program’s part number management system is ideal.

17. Realtrac

This program brings innovation that reflects the company’s 30 years of experience in its purchasing, job tracking, order entry, estimating, scheduling and other features. It integrates well with QuickBooks and Sage 50 for reporting.

18. Cetec ERP

With its ability to operate through the cloud or locally, this cost-effective program is easy to implement. It features a host of QMS, MRP and ERP solutions. Use it for inspection reporting, production scheduling and much more.

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19. SCP 4.0

This manage-by-exception system has helped most businesses save more than 60 percent on inventory costs. If you want to increase service levels and reduce inventory holding expenses, this program is a great solution.

20. Quantum

If you want to see everything from shop floor work instructions to the status of orders in one simple program, Quantum offers that and more. It has a large library of build documents for creating work instructions, and there are valuable tools for collecting and sorting data.

If you are having difficulty creating a list of your company’s requirements, see the 10 top machine shop software functions.

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