Benefits and Insights

Why use Stonefield Query?

Key differentiators & advantages of Stonefield Query

  • Leverage your existing infrastructure – No need for expensive hardware, software, implementation, maintenance overhead costs. 
  • Rapid installation and deployment – Complete your install and deployment in hours not days. 
  • Minimum or no user training – Stonefield Query is so easy to use that end users with minimal computer skills can produce reports quickly. 
  • Eliminate the IT Bottleneck – Stonefield Query eliminates the IT bottleneck by allowing the end user to access their information without placing demands on IT resources. 
  • Rapid ROI – Stonefield Query has a very attractive costs of ownership, minimal deployment time and superior ongoing support. 
  • Significantly increase productivity – The “self service” business intelligence reporting capabilities of Stonefield Query delivers a proven increase in productivity for both IT and the business end user.