Benefits and Insights

Why use Oracle Reports?

Key differentiators & advantages of Oracle Reports

  • User-Friendly Report Wizard: Guides users through the report design process to ensure users of all data literacy levels generate reports correctly. 
  • Live Editor: Allows users to modify report layouts as they will appear when printed in a WYSIWYG format. This helps users make graphically pleasing and intuitive reports. 
  • Customizable and Pre-Built Reports: Offers both pre-built and customizable report types to ensure users generate the exact types of reports they need for their business queries. 
  • Scalable Architecture: The solution offers a flexible, scalable solution that grows seamlessly with your business. 
  • Event-Based Reporting: Database events trigger report generation, reducing the need for users to perform manual data entry or menial tasks for recurring report types. 
  • HTML Options: Lets users embed dynamic reports into an HTML page by embedding custom tags in the document. Also allows users to generate web pages based on data. 
  • High-Quality Reports: The platform retrieves, formats and distributes data in various visually appealing formats without requiring coding knowledge. 

Industry Expertise

This platform is designed for organizations utilizing an Oracle database for their data storage needs. Some of Oracle’s industry specialties include automotive, communications, construction, consumer goods, education, research, engineering, financial services, food, beverage, healthcare, high technology, hospitality, manufacturing, life sciences, media, entertainment, public sector, retail and utilities.

Key Features

  • Request Queue: Handles report requests by entering them into a job queue, and when a server becomes available the next job in the queue is run. The solution automatically increases the number of available servers to match demand until the maximum is reached to reduce query times. 
  • Mod_Logic Module: Redirects requests from servlets or JSPs to the Oracle Weblogic server for a faster, easy to use UI using Javascript. 
  • Report Bursting: Allows users to generate, publish and distribute reports to pre-defined subgroups such as regions or departments. This keeps data accessible only to those who need to see it and reduces repetitive menial tasks. 
  • Custom Tag Handler: Processes custom tags provided by the JSP file identified by the prefix rw. Users can also create custom tags. 
  • Report Caching: Stores report output so it can automatically reuse it for similar requests, saving users time. 
  • Pluggable Data Sources: The system can pull data from numerous sources via Java APIs. This allows developers to utilize aggregation, summarization, scheduling and formatting on data both within the data warehouse and at its original source. 
  • Integrations: Integrates with standard web environments, Java, JSPs and Web Services. This allows users to run reports on a range of platforms through a web browser using URL syntax. 

Oracle Reports Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot email support directly. They must submit a ticket through the support page.
phonePhone: Subscribers in the U.S. can receive technical support by calling 1.800.223.1711. Canadian users can call 1.800.668.8921 or 1.905.890.6690. For other numbers, users should visit “global contacts” on the support page.
schoolTraining: Oracle’s iLearning platform offers a broad range of knowledge sources to Oracle users. They can access self-paced online training courses to improve their usage skills or learn more about the solution. Oracle University also offers a range of training courses, certifications, learning subscriptions and more available via live virtual classes, classroom training, exams and more.
local_offerTickets: To submit a ticket, users must log in to their Oracle support account. To ensure accurate ticketing, users should select their product on the support page and explore the solution options offered from the knowledge base. If no solution can be found, users should follow the prompts to send a ticket to support.

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