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Why use JasperReports?

Key differentiators & advantages of JasperReports

  • Fast, Easy Insights: Users can generate reports quickly and easily from a variety of platforms, datasources and applications. These reports are offered in the form of visualizations, allowing users to draw insights from the graphics much quicker and more easily than from raw numerical data.
  • Java Foundation: Built on the Visualize.js JavaScript framework, this platform makes it possible to work directly with the script for greater flexibility when building web application dashboards.
  • Make Better Business Decisions: By collecting and analyzing proprietary data, users can make more informed, data-driven business decisions to improve their operations and forecasting.
  • Simple Installation: The implementation process for this tool is much smoother than many comparable solutions. The installer bundles everything users need into a single package, making DIY installation a snap.
  • Smooth Upgrades: Similar to installation, upgrades are smooth and hassle-free. The whole reporting repository can be exported and imported as-is into the newer version relatively simply, making this system ideal for users without a robust IT department.
  • Integrate Data Sources: Odds are, you don’t get data from only a single source. This solution offers powerful data integration capabilities, allowing users to build their own data warehouse and use extract, transform, load (ETL) actions as well as move data between sources or to a single combined source.

Industry Expertise

JasperSoft has customers in aerospace, defense, education, financial services, government, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, manufacturing, media, metals/mining, non-profit, retail, software, telecommunications, transportation, utilities and more.

Key Features

  • Flexible Design: Modular, scalable, standards-based design offers flexibility in deployment and usability.
  • Embeddable Interactive Viewer: Users can integrate interactive reports with web applications or embed them in emails for quick, easy shareability.
  • Interactive Report Viewer: Lets users make changes to tables and charts including sorting, conditional formatting, filtering, moving or hiding columns, zooming, string search and other format changes. These can be saved for future use to improve efficiency.
  • Report Snapshots: Enable rapid response time for sharing visualizations. Reduces query impact on underlying source systems. Big Data: Can connect with large data set sources like Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, etc.
  • Multiple Export Formats: Users can export reports in a convenient variety of formats including PDF, XLS, HTML, CSV and XML files.

JasperSoft Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot email TIBCO support directly. They can submit a contact form through the support page or utilize the phone or portal support options.
phonePhone: Users can contact phone support at the following numbers: The Americas: +1 877 958 4226. EMEA: +44 (0) 870 909 3898. APAC: +61 2 4379 9333.
schoolTraining: Users can access a range of training materials from the TIBCO training center. These include self-paced online training courses, instructor-led training, live online training, third-party courses and more. Users can view the course calendar at the training homepage.
local_offerTickets: Before submitting a case, users are encouraged to search the extensive knowledge base to ensure their problem has not already been resolved in forums, articles or video demos. If the problem persists, users can create a case. They will be asked to assign a severity level to the problem, which determines how quickly support will get back to them. The support portal walks users through the process. In the event of an urgent issue where the product is unresponsive or inoperable, support recommends a followup call after submitting a ticket to the technical assistance center.
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JasperReports Reviews

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Software / IT
100 - 499
The best Reporting Tool for Java Developers
This software is one of the best choices to create reports if you are a Java developer. All you need to know about is Java and SQL for the queries. It integrates with many databases, and I personally have used it with PostgreSQL and it works well. The reports you create from scratch are fully customizable, and can include the elements you need: labels, tables, images, ... I like a lot the subreport element, as it allows to create even more complex / nested reports, in which you usually follow a master-detail model. In addition, you can use the Java libraries to integrate Jasper reports into your Java application, either Desktop or Web, this will enable
Some features or properties are not too intuitive, which is understandable if we think this is a tool for developers. Even though, it would be nice to have a more intuitive GUI.
Sometimes the most difficult part to create custom reports using Jaspersoft Studio, is actually to write the query that will fetch the data. After that, building the report is mainly drag-n-drop, write some Java code, setup properties and parameters, and make your report ready.
Software / IT
1000 - 2499
Best Open Source Reporting Framework
Ability to achieve highly customized reporting solutions without having to make concessions. Jaspersoft provides open source solutions for reporting and hosting of reports. (Along with premium versions with advanced analytics.)
It can be a bit quirky, and integration of the Java programming language is somewhat un-intuitive. It also has a fairly steep learning curve for new comers.
I've found their reporting solutions to be reliable and versatile, I've integrated Jaspersoft into many projects over the years.
5000 - 9999
Simple yet powerful reporting tool.
I like the most on this software is the ease of you. It is very easy to understand the user interface. With it you can easy understand the flow on how to use it especially when you have experience on using other reporting tool. Objects are dependable to display what you need. Filters is very flexible. it is also capable to connect to other many sql servers such as MSSQL, MySQL, posgres and many more as long you have a driver.
i don't like on this software is the looks. it is very corporate. This is because today's users are looking for fancy looking softwares.
Jaspersoft help us to create reports which data source are come from different databases with ease and without worrying on display capabilities.
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