Benefits and Insights

Why use i-net Clear Reports?

Key differentiators & advantages of i-net Clear Reports

  • Flexible Reports: Reports are customizable and can be designed manually or through a template repository to fit the needs and branding of the company. They can be exported in a variety of forms. Reporting can be scheduled through the task planner feature. 
  • Platform Independent: The solution’s Java infrastructure means it can run on any system that supports the language. 
  • Java Integration: Through JDBC drivers and a library of Java functions, it can cooperate with any Java-compatible application. This includes relational database management systems like MySQL and Oracle for additional data. 
  • Embeddable: Its reports can be embedded in a company’s existing software. The customizable nature of the reports allows them to align with a company’s branding. 
  • Scalable: It has built-in capabilities for hard drive and database caching, support for load-balancing clusters and compatibility to run as a servlet for application servers like Tomcat to scale up data quantity and processing power. 

Industry Expertise

After its founding in 1996, Berlin-based i-net developed a client base of more than 5,000 businesses spread across 70 countries. Its software has been used in industries like banking, communications and filmmaking.

Key Features

  • Task Planner: Reports can be automatically generated based on time or preset triggers using report templates. These reports can be delivered via email or saved onto a disk. 
  • Template Repository: Users can store their report templates in a repository for reuse. For recurring or periodic reports, it reduces time spent on creation. 
  • Remote Interface: A remote user portal allows users to configure reports, access the template repository, execute ad hoc reporting and manage other users and groups. This interface can be web-based or limited to a single device and has security framework like user permissions. 
  • Ad Hoc Reporting: One-time reporting is simplified through an intuitive graphical user interface to design reports quickly and execute them via Web 2.0 and Ajax tools.  
  • i-net Designer: Clear Reports works in conjunction with i-net Designer, a free-to-use report designer. It is also written in Java, making it accessible on most platforms with Java compatibility. 
  • Drill Down: Reports can be layered to provide deeper information on specific data points. These additional files are included with the top-level report and are accessible through the solution’s report viewer. 
  • Barcoding: Reports can be barcoded in 2D or QR codes for easy filing and management. 
  • User and Group Management: Users and report accessibility and security can be managed individually or by grouping. It allows for multi-tenancy with different levels of permissions. 

i-net Clear Reports Suite Support

I-net offers options to upgrade from standard support, which only provides unlimited email support for the first 90 days, to a premium plan. The upgraded version includes priority support, a dedicated email address and a response within 24 hours on business days. Support can be reached through the following methods:

mail_outlineEmail: Customers can email [email protected] or [email protected] if the specific design module requires assistance. Support emails are processed through a ticketing system.
phonePhone: Phone support is available at 49-30-25-29-93-50. Customers seeking phone assistance should note that i-net is based in Germany.
schoolTraining: Training is provided through the vendor’s website via a forum-style FAQ section and product documentation.
local_offerTickets: Support tickets can be submitted through email support, as described above.