Benefits and Insights

Why use BIRT?

Key differentiators & advantages of BIRT

  • Open Source: Because it is an open-source solution, users can access its code directly. This opens up a range of possibilities for customization and embeddability that are often expensive or not possible with other software.
  • Data Blending: With this platform, users can incorporate data from a wide range of sources into a single source. This helps them gain an overall view of their business data and can help uncover trends that would not be apparent from a single datasource.
  • Report Creation: The solution doesn’t just store data; it also explores it. It offers users an organized, sorted, filtered or grouped summary of the data based on users’ specifications to uncover insights and patterns.
  • Presentation: Once users have generated a report, they can prepare it for presentation with a selection of visualization options. They can insert tables, charts, explanatory text and more to make it easily interpreted by outside users.
  • Shareability: Users can email reports directly to other people or embed them into other applications. This can include any client rich application or web application that allows embedded code such as a business website, software application, the Microsoft Suite, etc.

Industry Expertise

BIRT supports a range of industries with its open reporting technology but is especially utilized in the tech industry.

Key Features

  • Lists: Users can create these simple data lists to present data in a methodical fashion. The grouping feature organizes related data together in the list for easier interpretation. Numerical data is easy to add, average or summarize in this feature.
  • Crosstabs: The solution presents data in two dimensions (sales or hits) with the cross-tabulation or matrix feature.
  • Charts: This system makes numerical data much easier to interpret by organizing it into charts. Users can select pie charts, line and bar graphs, scattergrams and many more.
  • Letters and Documents: Users can create a range of textual documents as well. These can include text, formatted lists, charts and more.
  • Compound Reports: This tool also offers a combining feature that lets users combine multiple report types into a single document. This builds on the letters and documents feature by creating a cohesive end-to-end presentation of the needed data.
  • Multiple Datasources: The system can access and blend data from a range of sources including POJOs, JDO datastores, SQL Databases, JFire scripting objects, XML and web services.

BIRT Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail:Email: Users cannot email support directly.
phonePhone:Phone: Users cannot call technical support directly.
schoolTraining:Training: OpenText offers a range of training resources including webinars, videos, documents and classes. The classes are set on a schedule and can be viewed at the “Course Calendar” tab of the OpenText website. Most are web-based and come with a fee, but some are free or included with a subscription.
local_offerTickets: Tickets: To submit a ticket, visit the OpenText Support portal and log in. The support portal also offers community forums, videos, documents and other help resources that can be helpful to users seeking answers.
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