Benefits and Insights

Why use AFS G2?

Key differentiators & advantages of AFS G2

True insight comes from the integration of AFS G2 with your AFS software solutions, enabling you to quickly drill into problem areas as well as opportunities, identifying potential resolutions with contextual analysis. You benefit from:

  • One version of the truth, which ensures consistency throughout the organization because G2 easily combines data used by your staff from AFS software solutions and third-party data sources
  • Automated online and offline alerts for rapid sense and respond and improved user productivity by enabling you to manage a higher volume of work without adding resources
  • Predictive analytics that identify issues based on trends before they become major challenges that could impact top and bottom line metrics
  • Industry best practices and KPI which are integrated into AFS G2 so you can benefit from them on day one rather than spending months defining and building KPIs in a standard business intelligence application
  • Quick, cost-effective G2 implementations provide rapid time to value by streamlining access to relevant analytics within your AFS solutions
  • An ability to empower you with analytics at a fraction of the cost and time compared to traditional business intelligence project initiatives