Benefits and Insights

Why use ActuateOne BIRT Studio?

Key differentiators & advantages of ActuateOne BIRT Studio

  • Saves time, because re-usable templates and themes can be set up and passed between BIRT products- Conserves IT resources, as BIRT products facilitate self-service report creation- Provides user self service; lets business users create ad-hoc reports

  • Reduces reporting bottlenecks in IT and improves requirements understanding between IT and end users

  • Lowers costs by eliminating training expenditures- Increases ROI- Enables report developers to create and distribute re-usable templates and themes.

  • New extension interface allows custom, server-side actions to be programmatically defined and invoked when a BIRT Design is opened, modified, saved or closed.

  • Encourages self-service report creation- Provides complete query and analysis functions against metadata and predefined queries

  • Features all standard aggregation and calculation functions- Includes data filters, charting, grouping, and hide-and-show elements

  • Displays parameter prompts, making it easier for users to refine their reports- Supports complete data access and preview without affecting underlying data sources