Benefits and Insights

Why use ActiveReports?

Key differentiators & advantages of ActiveReports

  • Range of Report Types: Users can create almost any kind of report by using the Visual Studio-integrated design tool.
  • Easily Design Reports: The intuitive Visual Studio interface lets users design, create and share reports on business operations, sales forecasts, key performance indicators and more.
  • Self-Service Data Reporting: Non-technical users can explore data and use it to create easy-to-interpret visualizations. This improves data literacy, boosts confidence and eliminates the need for expensive data analyst input for day-to-day business operations.
  • Flexible Options: Because it is largely code-based, this solution is very flexible and can adapt to a wide range of report types and demands from users.

Industry Expertise

Because of its flexibility, ActiveReports is used by a wide range of organizations from SMBs to enterprise businesses worldwide.

Key Features

  • Continuous Layout: Users can create reports with tables, crosstabs, charts and other data visualizations with flexible layouts. The RDL reports flow seamlessly from page to page for easy interpretation and a smooth user interface.
  • Page Reports: The visual studio feature lets developers create reports with a focus on layout. These ultra-simple reports are perfect for invoices, forms, prospectus reports and other highly-structured visualizations.
  • Customizable Reports: By utilizing scripts or code-behind, users can create highly customized report layouts that fit the exact needs of their query.
  • Royalty-Free Viewers: The solution offers viewers to preview how reports will appear in HTML5, WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET and more. It also comes with an optional server add-on.
  • Export Formats: Users can export reports to a range of formats including Microsoft Word, PDF, RTF, Excel and more.
  • Drill Down: Users can zoom in and out of datasets to get a micro or macro view. This helps them grasp both the big picture as well as understand individual happenings in the operations of their business.

ActiveReports Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot email support directly, but they can live chat with an agent on the support page after submitting a contact request form.
phonePhone: For customers who have purchased a platinum support package, phone support is available M-F during EST business hours at 412-681-4738.
schoolTraining: Training: GrapeCity’s learning tab offers demos, webinars, document resources, case studies, samples, blogs, community forums, white papers and other helpful training resources to help users learn to operate their various systems.T
local_offerTickets: To open a ticket, users can click the “open a ticket” button on the GrapeCity support homepage. Before submitting a ticket, users should search the community forums to see if their question has been answered by one of the many resources there.