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Why use Symantec Endpoint Protection?

Key differentiators & advantages of Symantec Endpoint Protection

  • Stay Safe: With Symantec Endpoint software, users can protect valuable digital assets from malicious actors, whether it’s on or offline. 
  • Be Proactive About Threats: The product blocks zero-day attacks by defending against common memory vulnerabilities. 
  • Save Money: Hackers, breaches, viruses and malware can cost businesses thousands of dollars each year. By deploying endpoint software, users can protect their enterprise — and their bottom line. 
  • Delivered by the Cloud: Symantec Endpoint Protection 15, the latest version of the software, is delivered via the cloud, providing a multi-layered defense, simple management, AI-assisted policy changes and powerful updates. 
  • Kill Complexity: The product is a single endpoint protection suite that covers deception, hardening, detection and response with built-in integration. 

Industry Expertise

Symantec serves a variety of customers across the business spectrum. Some of their major customers include Kakudai, SGN, CARAVEL, Hyundai, Swinton Insurance, AIG, The Economist, Adventist Health System, the University of Oxford and more.

Key Features

  • Anti-Malware: This software has proactive anti-malware features that actively monitor and scan for malicious software on the device. Symantec checks against a database of known software to defend against threats. 
  • Beat Ransomware: Uses a combination of signatures and critical endpoint technologies to detect and defend against ransomware, which can cripple an organization. 
  • Machine Learning: A machine learning database using Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network, identifies threats automatically and learns from attackers. The Global Intelligence Network is the largest civilian threat database in the world. 
  • SEP Deception Suite: This software comes equipped with additional deception software. It bates and lures attackers with false vulnerabilities, coaxes them into revealing their attack methodology, and then automatically adjusts user’s actual infrastructure to defend against it. 
  • Multi-layered Defense: A multi-layered defense suite is included with the software, and can be tuned to work on the fly. 
  • Simplified Rollout and Management: On-premise or in the cloud, group policies and network-wide updates are simplified, reducing update fatigue. 
  • Platform Agnostic: Run on Mac, PC and Linux. The software is a good fit for small or medium-sized businesses looking for comprehensive protection.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Suite Support

Symantec offers a number of support options to its customers. Phone, chat, training and case-by-case issues are all supported by Symantec. The company also offers a community support portal, as well as multiple in-person support centers.
mail_outlineEmail: Symantec does not offer any email support at this time.
phonePhone: Users can contact Symantec by calling 1-800-342-0652. English language support is available 24/7. Other languages receive support from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. CET.
schoolTraining: The company offers training resources and educational services to its clients through a number of mediums. They offer training, an e-library, certification programs and security awareness services. Certification exams carry a $250 fee.
local_offerTickets: Using their My Symantec account, users can access their licensing information and create technical/non-technical causes. A community support option is also available.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

2042 reviews


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Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Easy to Use: Its basic level of functionality is easily integrated, deployed and managed, as noted by all the reviewers who mention ease of use.
  • Built-in Firewall: Offers protection against medium-scale threats and outbreaks with an effective built-in firewall, as observed by 80% of the users who refer to firewalls.
  • Security Policies: All the reviewers who specify enhanced security report that different security policies can be set up across the entire network if needed.
  • Scheduled Scanning: Pre-installation on all the endpoint devices provides scheduled scanning and updates, as stated by 100% of the users who refer to scans.


  • Slow Performance: Regular scanning can slow down certain devices’ performance, as noted by 70% of reviewers who mention speed.
  • Block Sources: Incorrect judgments can quarantine legitimate sources as suspect objects, as observed by all the users who refer to aggressive protection.
  • False Positives: Around 70% of reviewers who specify false positives note that it picks up false positives during scanning.
  • System Resources: Uses a large number of system resources, as stated by around 80% of reviewers mentioning resource utilization.

Researcher's Summary:

Symantec Endpoint Protection provides multi-layered defense and AI-assisted policy updates in its latest version delivered through the cloud. It is a user-friendly solution that provides regular updates and scanning. However, users note that constant scanning can slow down the performance of devices. Many reviewers have noted that it can be annoying with false positives and blocked sources. It is best suited for small to medium-sized organizations; if you have a large organization that regularly faces advanced threats, then this might not be an appropriate product.

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