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Why use EventTracker SIEMphonic?

Key differentiators & advantages of EventTracker SIEMphonic

  • Real-time Alerting & Incident Response 
    EventTracker SIEMphonic generates rule-based alerts with dashboard updates and email notifications 

  • Search & Forensic Analysis
    Logs are indexed to Elastic Search using an extensible Common Indexing Model. 

  • Endpoint Threat Detection & Response
    Endpoint sensors detect suspicious activity allowing you to monitor and terminate suspicious processes and monitor and block removable media inserts and file copying. 

  • Reporting
    The reports module includes over 1,500 pre-defined security and compliance reports. Comprehensive support is included for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, NIST 800-171, DoD, RMF, GDPR, and more. 

  • Behavior Analysis & Correlation
    EventTracker SIEMphonic quickly detects and addresses changes in systems and user behaviors. Real-time processing and correlation gives a complete picture of what's new and different.

EventTracker SIEMphonic Reviews

The following reviews for EventTracker SIEMphonic are taken from the SelectHub ReviewFeed which collects and aggregates reviews from across a variety of online review platforms.

Banking & Financial Services
$1B - $5B
Knowledgeable staff, high level of customer service, dashboard continues to evolve
Initial implementation had a few bumps and bruises
In comparison to previous SIEM's - customer management and attention to detail has been a difference maker to our firm.
$101M - $500M
Product and people work well together
A lot of data to go through. Takes awhile to tune the application.
They are very professional to work with and follow up on a consistent basis,. They seem to care about a successful implementation.
Banking & Financial Services
$101M - $500M
V9 makes it so easy to set up dashboard that gives you what you want and the ability to drill down with one click. I spend less time hunting to understand what is going on in our network. thank you!
Nothing bad to say - a good experience with deployment, learning our networks behavior, setting up white lists and filters and finally tailoring my reports.
We were an Event Tracker customer for a number of years and moved up to the managed service known as SIEMphonic. Same SIEM tool with a dedicated team to assist with reports, updates and oversight of our environment. Weekly summaries of activity with recommendations and validation, real time alerts when things happen gives me a great peace of mind. Our support team leader has reached out to me by phone when suspicious activity was detected and correlated as unusual to make sure we were aware and responding. They have become apart of "our team
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