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Key differentiators & advantages of SentinelOne

SentinelOne is a fast growing security platform with multiple differentiators over its competitors. Our top 5 differentiators are these:
#1 SentinelOne is a Comprehensive Security Platform
We deliver EPP + EDR + Security Suite features in a multi-tenant, multi-site platform with simple licensing. We offer SaaS, on prem and hybrid-cloud implementation. Our single agent, single code base architecture offers enterprises critical features allowing for the elimination of other product agents.
#2 SentinelOne Agents are Smarter and Faster at Prevention, Detection, and Response
SentinelOne agents feature exceptional tamper resistance and have their prevention, detection, and response logic local to the agent itself shrinking attack dwell time significantly. Our approach is in contrast to our competitors whose agents upload raw data to their clouds, process it for detections, then send a response command. All of this processing takes too much time and in some cases the adversary has pivoted and moved on. SentinelOne is not cloud reliant for detection and response. We encourage customers to perform sophisticated efficacy testing both online and offline.
#3 SentinelOne Aids Analysts by Eliminating Tedious Work
Analysts are drowning in alerts and Threat Hunters can't piece together evidence fast enough. SentinelOne's approach delivers context quickly by automatically grouping related data and alerts. The result is faster situational awareness. SentinelOne's ActiveEDR hunting capability is engineered for experienced threat hunters that want to hunt on 90 days of historical benign data. Related benign data is stamped with a unique TrueContext ID at the agent before it is stored in our cloud for future customer use. TrueContext pre-correlation is a notable EDR technology evolution making it easier for analysts to pivot from an artifact of interest to a pre-correlated set of related events. This advancement is different from our competitors that simply upload a multitude of atomic, independent, non-correlated benign events requiring the analyst to have knowledge and intuition of what they should do next.
#4 SentinelOne Vigilance (optional) Managed Detect & Respond Service
Sleep better at night and handle the details in the morning. SentinelOne offers its Vigilance Managed Detect and Respond service but it is not required. This is in contrast to other vendors that require the purchase of their MDR service because it is their core detection capability. SentinelOne Vigilance complements our customer's SOC with monitoring, response assistance and deployment help.
#5 SentinelOne's Powerful API Enables 3rd Party Integration
SentinelOne can be run as a dedicated security point product or it can be integrated with your other tools to create a security machine. SentinelOne provides more ways to integrate with 3rd party products than our competitors. We include a single, well documented 2-way RESTful API with 300+ functions to automate almost every action found in the console. SentinelOne offers pre-built integrations or you can build your own with the tools we provide.
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