Benefits and Insights

Why use NowSecure?

Key differentiators & advantages of NowSecure

  • Automate Security and Privacy Testing: It can continuously test mobile binaries to work alongside DevOps and Agile software development timelines. Apps in production can be monitored to match the evolving needs of mobile enterprises and build bridges across GRC, dev, security and mobile centers. 
  • Maximize Visibility: It helps users tes app binaries that they build and use; results can be published to the team’s preferred tools in one unified approach. The security, ops, compliance and development teams can handle mobile app risk at scale while innovating. 
  • Accurate Testing: Nowsecure can automate proprietary tests along with several open-source tools such as Capstone, Radare and Frida. It lets mobile security analysts scale efforts while performing deep analysis. 
  • Regular Data Monitoring: Nowsecure Data can extend risk management coverage and threat intelligence with mobile app risk data. It offers regular monitoring of commercial apps for privacy, compliance and security, helping users make procurement/whitelist/blacklist decisions. 
  • Modern Testing Practices: Users can meet complex infrastructure and unique needs of modern mobile SDLC using the Nowsecure Platform. It provides privacy and security testing solutions that include continuous, customizable and accurate API testing. 

Industry Expertise

Nowsecure has specialized in mobile for over ten years and ensures comprehensive coverage. It has performed more than 10,000 mobile app penetration tests. Industries that it serves include retail and hospitality, financial services and government.

Key Features

  • Analysis Engine: It supports the execution of automated static, dynamic and interactive analysis of iOs and Android binaries on actual devices and connected APIs. Pen testing strength coverage can be completed quickly on published and/or pre-prod apps. 
  • Reporting Consistency: It maintains reporting consistency across various mobile security tools and analysts. Users can quickly get detailed and accurate assessments with security issues prioritized by CVSS-scores and mapped to standards like GDPR, NIAP, FISMA, OWASP and more. 
  • Test Complex Configurations: Nowsecure helps users step through mobile apps interactively. It can test complex scenarios like mobile apps with IoT, USB/Bluetooth connected equipment and multi-factor authentication. 
  • Mobile App Vetting: Nowsecure can ensure NIAP compliance and provide visibility into the commercial apps of organizations. It can vet apps properly by continuously monitoring risks before installing them and compromising sensitive data. 
  • Integration with Tools: It helps users bake security into existing workflows. It supports integration with CI/CD build tools such as CircleCI, Gitlab, Microsoft Azure DevOps, Cloudbees Jenkins, vulnerability management systems such as Threadfix, Brinqa and issue tracking systems like Jira. 
  • Mobile App Experts: Its team members can help users with an extensive range of mobile appsec needs, including developer training, enterprise risk assessments for apps, mobile app penetration tests and more. 

Nowsecure Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: For any queries, email [email protected]
phonePhone: Users can call +1 312-878-1100 for customer support.
schoolTraining: It offers training options that include e-books, reports, webinars and blogs.
local_offerTickets: Customers can get access to self-service tools by signing into the Nowsecure customer help center. Also, to submit a question in-product using the help feature, email [email protected]