Benefits and Insights

Why use NCC Group?

Key differentiators & advantages of NCC Group

  • Increases Protection: It helps identify areas of vulnerability in products and network infrastructure through penetration testing and technical security assessments. It protects businesses with log management, remotely-deployed penetration testing, updates/patches, vulnerability scans and more. 
  • Secures Remote Workforce: NCC Group can keep users and data secure by increasing security awareness, testing remote access solutions and adjusting internal policies to respond to phishing exploits. 
  • Elevates Risk Management: It can effectively manage the company’s cyber risk and improve security posture by providing strong controls over both technology and governance. 
  • Ensures Compliance: Its compliance assessments and reviews provide a required level of assurance to meet both government and industry compliance standards, including ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA and GDPR. 
  • Enables Operational Resilience: NCC Group offers software resilience services, verification testing and escrow agreements, which can mitigate business disruption and service downtime. It helps users maintain the availability of business-critical technology in infrastructure, software or data. 
  • Managed Security: NCC Group provides its users with managed and hosted services, which helps maintain the integrity of business-critical infrastructure, systems and security operation centers. 

Industry Expertise

NCC Group is a global cybersecurity expert with over 35 offices across the world. It is a trusted advisor to 15,000 clients worldwide. Sectors that it serves include finance, transport, retail, oil and gas, small business and internet of things.

Key Features

  • Risk Assessment: It helps determine, assess and handle third-party software risk through software risk assessment tools. Users can get downloadable, detailed software risk reports and personalized third-day software risk management considerations and recommendations. 
  • Cloud Resilience: Escrow as a Service offers easy access to cloud risk mitigation. It provides software suppliers and customers with continuity assurance, business resilience and secure protection for systems within the cloud. It includes EaaS Access and Replication services to decrease any disruption or downtown in the event of software supplier failure. 
  • Escrow Verification: Software Escrow verification provides protection to the users and ensures that the source code deposited in Escrow is accessible. It can ensure that all the necessary instructions, scripts and files required to amend or rebuild the application are deposited along with source code. 
  • Penetration Testing: It can identify vulnerable areas to mitigate the threat of a cyber attack through a range of penetration tests. Penetration testing specialists can examine infrastructure, assess security controls and recognize how attackers can get unauthorized access. Users can secure their environment through recommended methods that line up with their requirements and practices. 
  • Vulnerability Scanning: It enables quick identification, monitoring and remediation of vulnerabilities through various fully managed vulnerability scanning services. Its capabilities help organizations determine unknown vulnerabilities in internal and external systems. 
  • Managed Detection and Response: It can keep critical data and systems safe from cyber threats by combining multiple defense layers. It facilitates easy hunting, detection and response to threats through threat intelligence, regular monitoring and incident response. 
  • Cyber Security Review: It can provide an expert view of the organization’s cybersecurity that helps decision-makers prioritize activities, the level of investment and effort required to maintain robust cyber defense for businesses. 

NCC Group Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot contact support via email.
phonePhone: Users can call +44 161 209 5200 for customer support.
schoolTraining: NCC Group offers several training options that include whitepapers, books, threat briefs, presentations, technical advisories and blogs.
local_offerTickets: Customers can call +44 (0)161 209 5148 or email [email protected] for urgent incident response.