Benefits and Insights

Why use McAfee EndPoint Security?

Key differentiators & advantages of McAfee EndPoint Security

  • Gain Peace of Mind: A powerful endpoint security product is crucial to a business’ safety and productivity as cyber attacks can cost companies millions annually. This product can provide peace of mind and software security. 
  • Stay Proactive Against Threats: The software employs numerous techniques to not just protect against rogue actors, but to also deal with them if an infection slips through. 
  • Consolidated Defense: The product promises to be a single, all-in-one endpoint defense product, making it easy to protect all potential attack vectors with an installation of McAfee Endpoint Security. 
  • Flexible Management: With this endpoint security platform, it’s easy to manage users and endpoint deployment. The software can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud. 

Industry Expertise

McAfee serves customers across all industries, not just in the IT sector. The company serves customers in finance, merchandise, international governments and more. Some of their major customers include The Federal Employment Agency for Germany, Sutherland Global Services, Cloud Journey, Fairfax County Public Schools and beyond.

Key Features

  • Core Threat Protection: The product comes equipped with a core threat protection suite that contains standard anti-virus, exploit protection, firewall and web control features. 
  • Machine Learning: Boasting a state-of-the-art machine learning feature, this endpoint solution can identify malicious code based on appearance and behavior, and then take action. 
  • Application Containment: The solution comes with application containment features, which help minimize the impact of malicious software and files. It works by blocking zero-day exploits and containing malicious behaviors before they can infect others or spread. 
  • Endpoint Detection and Response: This feature makes incident response as simple and as easy as one click containment. Threats can be neutralized with minimal effort from the end-user. 
  • Actionable Threat Forensics: With this feature, users can quickly and easily see where an infection is, why it’s occurring and how long the exposure has been present, in order to inform containment protocols. 
  • Web Filtering: Web filtering from McAfee can ensure safe browsing across a user’s enterprise. Hostile or dangerous websites are blacklisted and network traffic is monitored to ensure hostile agents aren’t operating within the network. 

McAfee Endpoint Security Suite Support

McAfee offers several support options for its customers, including phone, e-learning and ticketing support.

mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot contact support via email.
phonePhone: Customers who require enterprise support can call 1-888-847-8766 if they’re from North America. Users can visit for a full list of offices and their corresponding support lines.
schoolTraining: McAfee offers a number of training options for its software solution. Options include e-learning solutions (with accompanying, hands-on labs), live classrooms for administration, and endpoint security upgrade, which is a pure e-learning course.
local_offerTickets: Enterprise customers can submit tickets by visiting the vendor’s “Contact Us” page on the McAfee website. They will be directed to a form that will ask their information, the nature of the request, error numbers (if applicable), company number and grant number.
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