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Why use Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection?

Key differentiators & advantages of Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

  • Enhances Privacy: It helps protect online privacy and secure WiFi connection through its next-generation VPN. Malwarebytes has privacy tools that can secure connections with 256-bit encryption. Its new protocols deliver faster speed and prevent lagging. It assigns virtual IP addresses, prohibiting unauthorized tracking. Users can connect confidently to the VPN server, switch up locations and choose servers for any situation. 
  • Increased Protection: Malwarebytes premium removes viruses, malware and other threats with real-time protection. Its advanced protection capabilities replace traditional antivirus solutions and safeguard devices from future infections. It also provides an in-depth analysis of threats required to combat sophisticated malware. 
  • Non-Intrusive: It protects users without hogging the system's resources or spamming with annoying notifications. It’s a non-intrusive suite that runs actively in the background to avoid disturbing the users and affecting their performance. 
  • Simplifies Management: It provides the status of events and device health across the entire network through a single dashboard. Its user interface controls all functionalities that include remediation prioritization via numerous filters like physical location, severity of threat and other criteria. 
  • Small Footprint: Malwarebytes offers a lightweight server solution that provides maximum protection and response capabilities. Its small footprint does not slow down the performance of servers and ensures end-user productivity. It blocks various threats that include zero-day malware, web-based attacks, PUMs, PUPs and more. 
  • Accurate Verdicts: It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to whitelist codes that pass rigorous inspection. In future scans, this code is omitted to eliminate false positives, provide accurate verdicts and save time. Bad behavior and malicious code are also tested at every stage, namely installation, execution and shutdown. 
  • Continuous Availability of Endpoints: Users can quickly get compromised endpoints back online through operational EDR. Threat investigation, remediation and ransomware rollback can be completed easily in a few clicks. Its threat hunting capabilities help users drill down into suspicious behavior or whitelist approved software. 

Industry Expertise

Malwarebytes is an internet security company that is trusted by millions of businesses worldwide. It is an award-winning software solution that received PCMag’s business choice award in 2019. Industries that it serves include education, finance and healthcare.

Key Features

  • Malwarebytes Nebula: It offers a cloud-hosted security platform that simplifies endpoint protection and maximizes limited resources to defeat ransomware and other viruses. It combines all Malwarebytes products and provides an intuitive UI to reduce complexities, next-gen threat intelligence and seamless API integration. 
  • Incident Response: Malwarebytes incident response provides flexible deployment choices for different IT environments with persistent and non-persistent agent options. Its automated threat response lets organizations expedite incident response and reduce malware dwell times. It removes infections and related artifacts through proprietary linking engine remediation. 
  • Endpoint Detection and Response: Software security teams can stop, analyze and respond to threats that bypass other defenses. It automates data analysis to detect suspicious activities and help security professionals make faster decisions by guiding through the threat hunting process. Security teams are also provided with precise information necessary to keep endpoints productive. 
  • Endpoint Protection: Malwarebytes endpoint protection provides its users with threat protection and definitive verdicts without bloat. Multiple layers of technology, like machine learning-enhanced and heuristic detection capabilities, are applied throughout the attack chain to mitigate polymorphic threats and attacks. 
  • Browser Guard: Users can get a safer browsing experience through Browser Guard that stops in-browser cryptojackers, blocks web pages containing malware and other unsafe content. It can detect and prevent tech support scams like browser lockers and hijackers. It speeds up web page displays by blocking unwanted content and third-party ads. It also removes clickbait ads that point to questionable content and hinder productivity. 
  • Adware Cleaner: Malwarebytes AdwCleaner removes adware and unwanted programs to provide a smooth and optimal online experience. Unwanted bundled programs and browser toolbars are removed to protect against spyware. 


User feedback indicates the following limitations of Malwarebytes, as of the time of this review:
  •  It lacks comprehensive reporting capabilities. 
  •  It slows down the performance of devices sometimes. 
  •  The process of scanning is time-consuming. 
  •  It can report numerous false-positives. 

Malwarebytes Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is not available.
phonePhone: Phone support isn’t mentioned.
schoolTraining: Malwarebytes provides several training options, including analyst reports, white papers, tech briefs, webinars, eBooks, infographics, case studies, how-to videos, an information hub and blogs.
local_offerTickets: Customers can submit a ticket through their support portal.

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

2779 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • User-Friendly: It is easy to install, deploy and configure, as noted by 100% of reviewers who mention ease of use.
  • System Resources: It is lightweight and has low system resource utilization, as stated by over 70% of reviewers.
  • Regular Updates: All users who refer to updates report that its dashboard is regularly updated, keeping endpoints safe.
  • Navigation: It is easy to navigate through different tools and options in the console, as observed by more than 60% of the users who specify navigation.


  • Scanning: A full scan takes a long time to complete, as stated by more than 50% of reviewers who specify scanning time.
  • Pop-ups: Over 70% of reviewers who refer to pop-ups note that it displays constant distracting pop-ups.
  • Slow Performance: It slows down the performance of devices, as noted by 60% of the users mentioning device speeds.
  • Reports: It is unable to provide granular reports regarding various activities to users, as specified by around 70% of reviewers who refer to reporting capabilities.

Researcher's Summary:

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection provides real-time protection and remediation tools against advanced malware to its users. Its dashboard is regularly updated, ensuring endpoint safety. It has low system resource utilization, but many users note that it slows down devices’ performance and takes a long time to complete full scans. It offers a free version, but if you want to ensure your safety and endpoint protection, a premium version is recommended for home users and organizations of all sizes.

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