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Why use GoSecure?

Key differentiators & advantages of GoSecure

  • Assess Cybersecurity: Performs independent analysis of security capabilities through cybersecurity assessment. Its architecture team can review policies, controls and security configurations. The ethical hacking team can test adherence with technology controls and applied policies through top-down and bottom-up approach. 
  • Identify Attacks: Thoroughly investigates malware and adversary activities through security compromise assessment. Its hybrid approach uses automated malware scans along with human threat hunting to provide timely alerts. Users can maintain an active security posture with proper guidance and recommendations provided to secure the network. All the risks, including endpoint detection and response, network traffic analysis and more, are summarized in C-level reports.  
  • Quick Response: Incident response retainers provide security experts who help decrease dwell time and mitigate negative impacts. A thorough analysis is provided by digital forensics after the breach is contained. It also gives recommendations to prevent similar breaches in the future. 
  • Explore Vulnerabilities: Ethical hacking services can assess target security resilience and control by exploring vulnerabilities of a target system, infrastructure, asset or technology. It provides a set of testing and teaming options to achieve complete security. Red team exercise helps understand security defenses to protect against ongoing attacks, whereas blue team exercises test an organization’s active response capabilities during an attack. Purple team exercise provides an understanding of communication between red and blue teams and shares learnings. 
  • Evaluate Security Awareness: Evaluates end-user community security awareness and reinforce better practices through social engineering and phishing tests. Users can get detailed information and limit adversities. 

Industry Expertise

GoSecure is a cybersecurity company that is trusted by security industry leaders. It is NSS Labs recommended, MITRE ATT&CK Framework certified and ICSA Labs advanced threat defense certified product.

Key Features

  • Next-Gen Antivirus: Offers a combination of next-generation and traditional antivirus to protect endpoints effectively. It delivers multiple approaches to endpoint security for protection against multi-faceted attacks. It provides various features to its users that include network, exploit, botnet and ransomware protection, behavioral detection, memory analysis and sandboxing. 
  • Endpoint Detection and Response: Cloud-delivered EDR services provide better visibility and multi-observational analysis, helping users detect more and respond faster. It can detect advanced threats in physical memory, reduce false positives and deliver predictive accuracy through machine learning. It also integrates analysis of behavior in memory, on disk and in the OS through predictive analytics and provides visibility to mitigate threats. 
  • Network Threats: Stops breaches from spreading by identifying the lateral movement of hidden security threats in the client's environment. It supports a network intrusion detection system that can search anomalous activity by performing behavioral, deep packet and real-time traffic analysis. Its log intrusion detection system collects logs from various sources and provides contextual information to reduce false positives and detect potential threats’ validity. 
  • Inbox Detection and Response: Email threat resolution is automated in the user's inbox through IDR. Its advanced threat intelligence and analysis techniques enable real-time phishing investigation reporting and response. IT administrators can view summary charts and create customized reports for categories assigned and emails processed. It evaluates untrusted content like URLs and automatically moves suspicious emails into quarantine. 
  • Insider Threats: Determines suspicious actions by key personnel and trigger different monitoring and response types. It offers flexible rulesets for unlimited scenarios, automatic screen recording of suspicious activities and keylogging for storage of keyboard activities depending on ITP rules. It also provides visibility into outgoing requests before the browser encrypts communication through SSL Introspection. 
  • Web Security: Blocks persistent threats like malware, botnets, Crypto-Locker and other inappropriate sites through a combination of iGuard automated intelligence and human analysis, ensuring advanced web protection. Low latency and false-positive rates can improve user productivity. 

GoSecure Suite Support

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phonePhone: Users can call 855-893-5428 or (888) 287-5858 for customer support. Also, a contact form can be filled to submit requests and receive help from sales staff.
schoolTraining: It offers various training options that include datasheets, case studies, eBooks, reviews, reports, security briefs, webinars, white papers and blogs.
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