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Key differentiators & advantages of FortiClient

  • Advanced Threat Protection: It automatically detects and prevents zero-day, advanced malware and known threats by integrating with FortiSandbox Cloud and cloud-based FortiGuard global threat intelligence. 
  • Security Fabric Integration: FortiClient integrates endpoints into a security fabric for early detection and prevention of advanced threats. It reports real-time security events that include zero-day malware, botnet detections and vulnerabilities. 
  • Secures Remote Access: FortiClient simplifies the remote user experience with built-in auto-connect and always-up VPN features. It can provide an additional layer of security with two-factor authentication. Users can get secure and reliable access to corporate networks from any internet-connected remote location. 
  • Simplifies Endpoint Management: It provides users with real-time central management that can monitor the attack surface, manage vulnerabilities, enforce security compliance and track changes. 
  • Regular Updates: FortiClient provides users with regularly updated downloads that can ensure device protection with the latest threat data and intelligence. 

Industry Expertise

FortiClient has demonstrated a 100% block rate for exploits, unknown threats and HTTP malware, with zero false positives in a NSS Labs 2019 advanced endpoint test. It has received NSS Labs’ coveted ‘Recommended’ rating with low TCO.

Key Features

  • Automated Security Protection: It allows administrators to set policies and automatically quarantine vulnerable or compromised endpoints. It delivers visibility, compliance control and automation. 
  • Vulnerability Management: FortiClient lets users detect OS and third-party application vulnerabilities across the attack surface using vulnerability management solutions. It automates vulnerability patching to secure critical assets. 
  • Dynamic Access Control: Virtual groups are created by FortiClient EMS, retrieved by FortiGate and utilized in Firewall policy to provide dynamic access control. It helps users automate and simplify compliance for security policies. 
  • FortiClient Anti-Exploit: Its anti-exploit technology provides an extra layer of protection by monitoring host memory to detect and block numerous memory techniques, including return-oriented programming, heap spraying and more. 
  • Software Inventory Management: It provides visibility into installed software applications and license management to improve security hygiene. Inventory information can be used to detect and remove unnecessary or outdated applications. 
  • FortiClient for Linux: Its real-time scanning can protect Linux desktops and servers against malware. Users can integrate Linux endpoints with other devices in the Fortinet security fabric using a fabric agent module. 


User feedback indicates the following limitations of FortiClient, as of the time of this review:
  •  It can disconnect sometimes, and user connectivity problems are hard to debug. 
  •  It can use a considerable amount of system resources. 
  •  It shows frequent disturbing pop-ups. 

FortiClient Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot contact support via email.
phonePhone: For customer support, users can call +1-408-542-7780, with additional phone numbers for global customers available on the vendor’s support website.
schoolTraining: Fortinet offers several training options that include a training and certification program, videos, and discussion forums.
local_offerTickets: Users can create a ticket through the support portal to attach diagnostic information and then use the Call Us button to dial for immediate support. A knowledge base is also available for users to search through.

FortiClient Reviews

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Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

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  • Zero-Day Attacks: Its behavioral-based detection capability protects against zero-day attacks.
  • Web Filtering: Its web filtering option protects against malicious sites when connected with unsecured networks.
  • Database: Its database is continuously updated to protect against new threats.
  • Connection to VPNs: The process of connecting to VPN services is easy and straightforward.


  • Auto-Update: It does not provide any auto-update features*.
  • User Connectivity: It can be hard to debug user connectivity problems**.
  • Interrupt Connections: It can disconnect sometimes, interrupting important connections***.
  • Resource-Intensive: It uses a large amount of system resources****.

Researcher's Summary:

FortiClient provides its users with multilayered endpoint security for threat prevention. It provides real-time visibility of global software inventory and helps end users access internal networks from remote locations. Its cloud-delivered service is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

* Dec 08, 2019 review derived from source on May 18, 2020

** June 25, 2019 review derived from source on May 18, 2020

*** Apr 27, 2019 review derived from source on May 18, 2020

**** Apr 01, 2019 review derived from source on May 18, 2020

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