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  • Fast Intrusion Identification and Response: It auto-exposes and responds to threats by blocking signatures, phishing, ransomware, malware and botnets. Its library covers 39+ threat categories. Its rules are highly customizable.  
  • Aggregates Log for Hunting Threats: It permits the correlation of logs and development of the playbook to help and direct analysts, regardless of network size. It also finds, tracks and maps threats to effected resources by queries, exploration and pivots across logs.  
  • Persistent and Insider Threat Detection: Despite the tools, tactics or procedures used, it learns and updates definitions for each host within the customer’s unique environment. It also hastens investigations and lays out exhaustive customer understanding.  
  • Managed Prevention: It provides advanced threat prevention with uninterrupted hardening against the ever-expanding threat landscape by understanding how attackers think.  
  • Install and Harden: With eSentire, users can install endpoint prevention with dedicated security alerts and solidify policies and rules.
  • Responds Swiftly: Reduce average response time with the help of visualization of attack chain and ability to isolate endpoint to prevent spreading across systems and causing disruption of business. 

Industry Expertise

eSentire helps its customers to lower risks, protect their networks and actualize lasting business value. It empowers its elite analysts with selected detection tools, all operating at machine-scale. It uncovers and disrupts cyber threats from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Key Features

  • Managed Identification and Corresponding Response: It provides a range of protection from threat features that not just alert but also disrupt threats. It can augment the in-house team, or be a full-service security solution.  
  • Risk Advisory: eSentire has experts who assist organizations in assessing, improving and testing their risk profile. Users can choose from their pre-built CISO program or build a custom program to identify possible vulnerabilities.  
  • Managed Endpoint Defense: Powered by CB Defense and dedicated eSentire security experts, it delivers advanced threat prevention features with continuous adaptation against the ever-evolving endpoint risk landscape.  
  • Managed Prevention: It presents a unified endpoint and antivirus detection and suggests how to respond to the attack.  
  • Managed Vulnerability Service: It identifies vulnerabilities with unsurpassed accuracy across IT assets. The team provides analysis, guidance and prioritization of risk.  

eSentire Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is available, but it is locked behind a partner login.
phonePhone: Users can reach an eSentire technical support team at 1-519-651-2200. Additional support options are locked behind a partner login.
schoolTraining: A searchable resource library is available, featuring webinars, podcasts, ebooks and more.

eSentire Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

41 reviews


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Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Implementation: It has a smooth and organized implementation process.
  • Customer Support: It provides fast and reliable customer support over email and phone.
  • Alerts: It provides real-time alerts for detected malware.
  • Network Analysis: It provides constant detailed network analysis.


  • Reporting: It does not have comprehensive reporting capabilities*.
  • Formal Responses: Formal responses to known vulnerabilities can take time to reach clients**.
  • Inconsistencies: Its fast reactions can cause data inconsistency***.

Researcher's Summary:

eSentire provides its users with complete endpoint protection from constantly evolving cyberattacks. Its AI-assisted methodologies monitor, detect, respond to and contain threats across the rapidly involving IT environment. It keeps small to large-sized organizations safe against known and unknown threats.

* Sep 14, 2017 review derived from source on May 27, 2020

** Dec 07, 2017 review derived from source on May 27, 2020

*** Sep 14, 2017 review derived from source on May 27, 2020

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