Benefits and Insights

Why use Desktop Central?

Key differentiators & advantages of Desktop Central

  • Enhances Network Security: Desktop Central lets administrators apply security policies. Users can restrict and customize external device usages like USB, external hard disk and more, enhancing network security.  
  • Increases Productivity: It provides robust support for BYOD and lets employees access corporate resources from anywhere. It helps reduce workloads and enhances network administrator productivity.  
  • Manages Distributed Environment: Its central management console manages geographically distributed computers and mobile devices. It lets users set up distribution points to minimize WAN bandwidth consumption.  
  • Reduces Training Cost: Desktop Central provides an easy-to-use installation package that saves users from the hassles of working with multiple packages while reducing training costs.  
  • Easy Integration: It seamlessly integrates data with other ManageEngine products like ServiceDesk Plus, AssetExplorer and IT 360. It provides a single integrated console to perform help desk and desktop management functions. 

Industry Expertise

Desktop Central has a customer base of 12000+ organizations. It manages over 7 million endpoints, and over 85% of users renew the product annually.

Key Features

  • Patch Management: Desktop Central offers an automated patch management solution for OS and other third-party applications that keep endpoints secure and shield machines from security threats. 
  • Software Deployment: It can distribute software packages to all computers in a network from a central console, without any user intervention. It offers flexibility and control over the software deployment process through built-in templates for package creation. 
  • Remote Desktop Sharing: The remote desktop manager lets administrators connect and control remote desktops in LAN and WAN. It helps users troubleshoot remote desktops with file transfers, video recording, multi-user collaboration and more. 
  • Desktop Configurations: Administrators can manage windows applications, system settings and desktop settings through predefined configurations. Some of these include management of USB devices, power, security policies and more. 
  • Active Directory Reports: It provides out-of-the-box reports that help administrators gain visibility and spot anomalies without any scripting. 
  • User Administration: Users can delegate tasks to chosen users with well-defined permission levels for more effective management strategies. Its role-based access control confines the access of systems to authorized users. 
  • OS Deployment: Eliminate possible errors from manual OS deployment, drivers and configurations, save time by automating disk imaging and deployment processes in both offline and online mode. 
  • Mobile App: Desktop Central’s mobile app helps perform activities like agent installation, retiring computers from a network, patch deployment and more, all from mobile devices. 


User feedback indicates the following limitations of Desktop Central, as of the time of this review:

  •  It can use a large amount of system resources. 
  •  Upgrading versions and customizing the dashboard can be tedious. 
  •  Bandwidth management does not function properly for remote devices. It can consume an entire circuit which makes it difficult to stop traffic until action has completed. 

Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot contact support via email.
phonePhone: For customer support, users can call +1-888-720-9500, with additional phone numbers for international customers available on the vendor’s support website.
schoolTraining: Desktop Central offers a number of training options for its software solution. Options include a training program, videos, blogs, FAQs and discussion forums.
local_offerTickets: Desktop Central has a knowledge base available for users to search through. Users can also send an email message with required log files for unresolved issues. An online support request form is also available.

Desktop Central Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

227 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Ease of Use: It is quick and easy to deploy on multiple devices.
  • Reports: It has comprehensive reporting capabilities.
  • Patch Management: It offers smooth patch management.
  • Remote Control: Remote control agent supports the use of multiple screens.


  • Dashboard: Customizing the dashboard is difficult.
  • Upgrades: Manual upgrading between versions is tedious.
  • Error Codes: Error codes are not helpful when patches fail and require manual investigation.
  • Memory-Intensive: It is memory-intensive and works slowly.

Researcher's Summary:

Desktop Central is a web-based desktop and mobile administration software solution that protects businesses of all sizes from threats and malware. It provides its users with a unified endpoint management solution that keeps all endpoint devices safe from a central location.

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