Benefits and Insights

Why use CylancePROTECT?

Key differentiators & advantages of CylancePROTECT

  • Consume Fewer System Resources: The product is built around efficient code, meaning it consumes 10 times fewer computing resources than standard endpoint products. 
  • Automate Workflows: With a robust API, users can fully automate their software experience and take advantage of the platform’s powerful AI features. 
  • Secure Your Enterprise: CylancePROTECT offers a number of software features that can help users lock down their enterprise against attackers and malware. 
  • Eliminate Signatures: RActing without slowdown, the platform can help eliminate threat signatures and prevent update stalls due to scans. 

Industry Expertise

CylancePROTECT has won several awards from Gartner, Forbes, and SC Media, and serves customers across a multitude of different industries. They see customers in finance, healthcare, higher education, manufacturing and arts and tourism. Major customers of Cylance include HBOR, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Safelite, the Sydney Art House and more.

Key Features

  • Malware Prevention: The platform prevents a broad swath of malware — up to 99% of malware can be blocked by Cylance. 
  • Simple Deployment and Management: Designed to be simple to deploy and update, the product requires no daily management or update monitoring to be effective. 
  • AI-Driven Protection: With the power of artificial intelligence, the product is able to swiftly and safely handle threats like ransomware and malware without any human intervention. 
  • Memory Exploitation Coverage: Exploiting errors in computer memory is a common attack vector for malicious actors. Cylance guards against that threat by strengthening back OS features against memory exploitations. 
  • App Control: The software allows administrators to lock down specific applications — either preventing infection or containing it. 
  • Device Control: Sophisticated device control features allow users to set parameters for devices connecting to company networks. Settings can be as granular as serial numbers or as general as device category. 
  • Console Reporting: A robust reporting window is provided with the software, making it easy to assess and share threat-relevant data within an enterprise. 

CylancePROTECT Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is not available at this time.
phonePhone: Phone support is offered 24/7 to all users. Users in the United States can call +1 866 699-9689, and users in Europe can call +44 203-4436394.
schoolTraining: The company offers an educational and training service called Cylance Education Services. Their training options are robust, going from community training and self-guided e-learning to full-blown certification courses. There are also instructor-led training sessions and live web-based classes.
local_offerTickets: Cylance’s ticketing system can be accessed by visiting their support forum and clicking the “submit a case” button. Users will then be directed to fill out a contact form, which will ask for the issue’s severity, as well as a description of the problem.
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