Benefits and Insights

Why use Praxis EMR?

Key differentiators & advantages of Praxis EMR

  • Quality Medicine: Physicians can practice medicine in their own way without the constant editing of templates, which can be time-consuming and confusing. 
  • Faster Charting: Physicians can finish notes in under 45 seconds, as the system adapts to patterns to become faster and smarter over time. 
  • Usability: Physicians can review their writing and access information on the go via an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. 
  • Easy to Switch: Go paperless and scan over any paper records with ease. Securely import patient demographics and charts with sensitive information. 
  • Legal Protection: Prevent claims about practicing cookie-cutter medicine by using unique records for each patient. 

Industry Expertise

Praxis EMR has been serving a wide variety of health organizations for over 30 years. It has consistently been recognized for its EHR usability for a variety of medical categories and can serve the needs of more than 70 specialties.

Key Features

  • Concept Processing: Users can chart in their own unique way, with AI technology learning and adapting to their tendencies with use. With familiar or identical cases, it recognizes identical text and automatically finishes the case based on past similar instances. 
  • Patient-Provider Portal: Communicate, educate and engage patients online via an integrated portal, which automatically updates with information to share with patients. It also supports collaboration with other providers, management of population health and more. 
  • Intelligent Practice Advisories: Provides medical advice, support and treatment protocols based on patient data. The non-template format can be edited or created on the go. 
  • Document Manager: Import and archive paper charts, scanned documents, faxes and electronic files automatically with Scanaway, the system’s document management tool. 
  • Knowledge Exchanger:  Access knowledge bases, share information with doctors around the world and enter information in a personalized way for understanding. 
  • Praxis Agents: Physicians can communicate through smart messengers on their behalf. The technology, which learns progressively, automates timely reminders and events, as well as helps engage patients with secure email and portal. 
  • Datum+: Allows the use of free text written in any language to seamlessly create, store and share any clinical data, as well as participate in any reporting program per requirement without rigid templates. Supports interoperability with regional and national electronic health records. 


These limitations, based on user feedback, are current at the time of this review::

  •  No mobile app. 
  •  Doesn’t have a hospitalist version. 

Suite Support

Users can receive live online help and review license agreements at the online client portal. On-call agents can be reached using the portal for any support needs over the weekend.

mail_outlineEmail: [email protected]
phonePhone: Not available.
schoolTraining: Instructions, training videos newsletters and more are available via the portal.
local_offerTickets: No info available.

Praxis EMR Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

142 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros and cons have been curated by a Selecthub Market Analyst.


  • Features: All users who mentioned billing and charting reported that the product offers a robust set of features.
  • Intuitive: With AI that learns from users, the software’s intuitive design is a key benefit, as noted by all users mentioning this feature.
  • Customization: The product offers customization options for a variety of practices, according to 92% of reviews about this element.


  • Learning Curve: Almost 90% of users referencing this aspect reported that the product has a steep learning curve.

Researcher's Summary:

Along with a robust set of features for functions like billing and charting, Praxis EMR also provides a wide range of options to customize the product according to physician requirements. Its intuitiveness and the ability to learn from its users is also an important benefit. However, user feedback suggests a steep learning curve with the product, which may take some time to get used to. All in all, the product can be a good choice for practitioners who want a highly customizable EMR.

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