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  • Quality Medicine: Instead of using templates like many other EMR solutions, Praxis focuses on the idea that templates limit freedom while also increasing medical liability and claim denials. The constant editing of templates can be time-consuming and confusing, whereas Praxis allows physicians to practice medicine in their own personalized and comfortable way. 
  • Faster Charting: With Praxis EMR, physicians can finish notes in less than 45 seconds. Over time, Praxis adapts and becomes smarter and faster through its learning capabilities. 
  • Usability: Praxis EMR is intuitive and easy to use, allowing physicians to review their own writing and to access information when they need it and where they need it. 
  • Easy to Switch: Implementing a new or different software system is often a cumbersome process, but Praxis makes it easy to go paperless and to scan over any paper records. The EMR imports patient demographics and transfers patient charts while keeping sensitive information safe and secure. 
  • Legal Protection: By using unique records for each patient instead of templates, physicians can prevent claims that a facility practices “cookie-cutter” medicine. 

Industry Expertise

Praxis EMR has been serving a wide variety of health organizations for more than 30 years. Over the years, Praxis has consistently been recognized as a top solution for a variety of medical categories, from EHR usability to overall-rated EHRs.

Key Features

  • Concept Processing: No two doctors practice medicine identically — Praxis EMR views medicine as an art, and every provider tends to see certain cases more often than others. Praxis allows users to chart in their own words and style, rather than using templates. The system's AI technology can learn and adapt to a physician's tendencies over time. When cases that are familiar or identical to others that were previously charted are identified, Praxis can recognize identical text and will automatically finish the case based on prior, similar instances. 
  • Patient-Provider Portal: Physicians can easily communicate, educate and engage patients online with Praxis EMR’s integrated portal. The concept processor automatically updates the portal with information that a physician wishes to share with each patient. Additionally, physicians can collaborate with other providers, manage population health and run online studies. Intelligent Practice Advisories: Praxis’ practice advisories provide users with medical advice, support and treatment protocols. These practice advisories can be edited or created whenever, wherever. 
  • Intelligent Practice Advisories: Praxis’ practice advisories provide users with medical advice, support and treatment protocols. These practice advisories can be edited or created whenever, wherever. 
  • Document Manager: Scanaway, Praxis EMR’s document management tool, helps health facilities go paperless. Paper charts, scanned documents, faxes and electronic files are automatically imported and archived in the EMR. 
  • Knowledge Exchanger: The Praxis Knowledge Exchanger allows physicians to share knowledge with colleagues and peers. Providers can access knowledge bases of doctors from around the world and enter that information into the system in a way that makes sense. 

Praxis EMR Suite Support

Praxis’ online client portal handles every aspect of customer support. Users can receive live online help, review license agreements and view instructions and training videos all in one place.

mail_outlineEmail: Customer support emails are available on Praxis’ website.
phonePhone: Praxis provides phone support from Monday through Friday during business hours.
schoolTraining: Users can access training videos and demos online to help familiarize themselves with the software. Customers can also sign up to receive recurring newsletters.
local_offerTickets: Using the Praxis support portal, users can submit maintenance requests and send messages with any questions or concerns.

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