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Why use Luminello?

Key differentiators & advantages of Luminello

  • Affordable: Luminello EMR is free to users, with certain additional features requiring a supplementary fee. There is also paid-for, premium version, which comes with more advanced features. 
  • Fewer Errors/More Accurate Treatment: By documenting and storing patient information electronically, you don’t run the risk of errors due to handwriting and legibility issues. In turn, practitioners can rest assured they are receiving correct information, which helps to provide the proper treatment the first time around. 
  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency: With fewer errors and more accurate treatment, healthcare facilities can increase their daily traffic without sacrificing quality of care. Clinicians can access a patient’s stored medical files quickly and easily, allotting them more time to spend on patient treatment and less time documenting and charting. 
  • Security of Information: Data is kept secure and private — data is backed up off-site every night and only authorized users have access to a patient’s medical chart. Luminello also meets HIPAA compliance regulations and highly encrypts all data and messages. 

Industry Expertise

Luminello is designed for private practices rather than hospitals, specifically mental and behavioral health practices. Offering both a premium and a free model (with optional add-ons), Luminello is suitable for mental health facilities of virtually any size.

Key Features

Remember, not all of these features are included with Luminello’s free version. A number of these tools are add-ons, which will require additional fees, or are only included in the premium model.

  • Calendar/Scheduling: The calendar scheduler allows users to book appointments in real-time. Users can view their appointments daily, weekly, or monthly on the calendar and schedule automatic email confirmations and appointment reminders to be sent out. 
  • Public Profile and E-Screening: The process of screening patients is very time-consuming; Luminello features customizable intake forms to cover the essentials, such as clinical, scheduling and payment information to speed up the screening process. 
  • E-Prescribing: Linked to a patient’s chart, Luminello’s e-prescribing tool provides information such as a medication favorites list, medication interaction checker, medication history, pharmacy location and more. Luminello also provides EPCS in all 50 states. 
  • Custom Forms: Luminello’s form editor allows users to create their own custom note plates, questionnaires and admin forms. 
  • Integration: Luminello integrates with insurance billing to submit claims, check insurance eligibility and more. Credit card payments are also accepted. With Bluefin, a partner of Luminello, users can charge, pre-authorize and refund transactions directly from a patient’s chart. 
  • Patient Portal: Patients can access their medical history through Luminello’s enhanced portal. Patients are able to create their own insurance-ready billing statements, manage appointments, update payment information and more. 

Luminello Suite Support

Luminello doesn’t offer phone support, instead, all support and sales questions must be submitted by email or through the contact form on their website.

mail_outlineEmail: Both patients and practitioners are able to email Luminello with any questions or issues. Emails are typically handled within one business day.
schoolTraining: Luminello features videos and guides on their website to help users get started. They also provide tools to help transfer notes to the EMR.
local_offerTickets: Luminello’s website features a contact form where you can leave your name, subject, and a custom message explaining the problem. Luminello’s business hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

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Luminello Reviews

The following reviews for Luminello are taken from the SelectHub ReviewFeed which collects and aggregates reviews from across a variety of online review platforms.

Healthcare / Social Services
2 - 9
A good developing EHR for mental health
ease of use, customer portal, customised forms to be filled by patients, practice revenue management and EOBs, note shortcuts, low price,
lack of functionality for groups / multiple providers, need a lot of clicks to print patient statements, labs are not integrated and almost always need additional info, no efaxing, no text/phone reminders to patients, page needs a lot of computer hardware resources, dose spot automatic refill request functionality is a hit or miss, lack of phone customer support, inability for a parent to make two accounts with same email for two kids seen by a clinician and parents has to use two different emails, customer invitation link keeps expiring if an account is not made in few hours

Vendor Response

by Luminello on March 07, 2019 Thanks so much for your feedback, we appreciate you taking the time to provide us with it. We understand the frustrations you have with working with families. We are in the final stages of testing this feature and will be releasing it soon! The other features you mention above are on our development list and some of which are being actively worked on. We will be sure to follow up with you as soon as the new features are ready to launch. Additionally, we?ll contact you directly to discuss all your concerns as we?d love to hear more about them.

Healthcare / Social Services
2 - 9
Luminello makes billing fun!
I most like that I did not need to enter my entire caseload into the system in order to start using it. I also love that it is really quite self explanatory, is specific for psychiatry and is not made clunky with features required by other specialties- everything about Luminello is designed to allow a mental health provider do their job, document their notes and easily bill for their time.
I wish the Luminello calendar synced with the google calendar.
I can use the parts of Luminello I need and am ready to use, such as scheduling, e-prescribing, the patient portal and billing, but am not required to use features I do not yet have time to learn (but really want to) such as creating my own template or using a pre-made template for SOAP notes. I don't even have to write my notes in the EMR to bill, use the portal or e-prescribe. When I have a question, the tech team has always responded within 24 business hours, often in the same day. Luminello has also been open to hearing my suggestions for features I'd like to see. Overall, it is an aesthetic, very user friendly software and an accessible and responsive company.
Healthcare / Social Services
2 - 9
Private Practice Mental Health Counseling
I like the price of Luminello give the features included such as online scheduling, client portal, appointment reminders, billing and payment tracking.
1. Only one professional can use the CL's email address: If another professional inside or outside your practice uses Luminello and you "share" a CL (ie referral from a psychiatrist for counseling and that psychiatrist uses Luminello in their practice) you have to ask the CL for a different email address because Luminello will not allow you to use any email already in use. The CL then cannot use their preferred email and must give a secondary email which is off-putting to CLs. This is true within the practice as well. If one provider saw the client first and then later referred the client to a different provider, the new provider cannot use the same email to set up the client's account in Luminello. Again, off-putting. 2. Number one happens most in the case of siblings. We see children in our practice. If I'm seeing one child and another Th is seeing the other child, only one of us can invite the parents to the portal and the parents can then only see information about one child. 3. Number 2 relates to seeing kids of divorce: the system only allows one email per client, so when seeing children of divorce only one parent can be invited to the portal. 4. The system itself is slow and clunky. It's slow to refresh and there seem to be unnecessary steps involved in some tasks. 5. It is ONLY for a solo practice, so if you ever plan to grow into a group practice, do not begin with Luminello unless finding a new system and moving all your data is something you enjoy.
It was an okay system when I was a small, solo private practice. It has not grown with me and that's disappointing. I asked early on if they were considering offering a group format and was told it was something they were looking at doing, but in the last 2 years there have been no moves that direction. There are other issues such as my particular license (LPC) was not an option. I had to have them manually add it on their end to get it to populate on my signature. There are nearly always "workarounds" offered when I contact them about issues, but I don't want workarounds. If you don't mind that, it shouldn't be a problem.

Vendor Response

by Luminello on November 07, 2018 Thank you so much for that feedback, this is so useful to hear. Regarding working with families, we completely agree with you. Good news is that functionality has been built and is in the final stages of testing. Regarding groups, we hear you! That is actively in development. Regarding some processes being slow - we'd love to hear more specifics on that - we'll reach out to you directly as all of our improvements are based on user feedback like yours. Luminello is developed by providers for providers, so we're always looking to speed things up and optimize workflows. We look forward to hearing your suggestions!

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