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  • Optimize Productivity and Efficiency: By automating tasks and providing real-time data, InSync allows your physicians to spend more of their time dealing with patients and less time charting. Scheduling tools can be used to make sure patient appointments are booked with the correct physicians when necessary equipment is available to prevent delays. 
  • More Accurate Care: Health analytics, telemedicine and other features help to increase the level of healthcare your physicians can provide. Providers are given all the patient information needed to give them a proper idea of their medical history. InSync can provide insights and help recognize patterns to help prevent illnesses as well as predict diagnoses and provide treatment options. 
  • Increase Revenue: This benefit goes hand-in-hand with optimizing productivity and efficiency. Because your physicians are able to provide more accurate care in a more timely manner, the daily traffic can increase, in turn leading revenue opportunities to do the same. 
  • Mobility: InSync lets your clinicians provide care remotely by allowing access to patient information from anywhere, at any time, using their handheld devices. Physicians can quickly update a patient’s notes, request refills and send out messages. 
  • Configurable: InSync provides a wide variety of specialty-specific health solutions, supporting over a dozen different specialties. 
  • Improve Patient Experience: Patients are able to communicate with their physicians online, look up lab results, manage medication and more, using the patient portal. In addition, patients can fill out forms prior to their appointments, saving them time and speeding up the often-dreaded office visit. 

Industry Expertise

InSync is used by a wide range of hospitals, medical clinics and physician practices across the US, including specialties such as behavioral health, internal medicine, family/general medicine, multi-specialty software and more.

Key Features

  • Telemedicine: Physicians can check a patient’s history, schedule online appointments and manage medication electronically. Before a prescription is filled out, InSync is able to recognize any potential drug-to-drug or drug-to-allergy interactions which may occur based on a patient’s medication history or diagnosis. 
  • Patient Portal: Providers are able to communicate with their patients using the patient portal. Both physicians and patients are able to look up lab results, communicate with one another — via messaging or video conference calls — and make updates to their health plan. 
  • Clearinghouse: This manages insurance claim submissions and helps prevent denied claims, leading to faster reimbursement. Before a claim is submitted, it is automatically swept and scrubbed of any mistakes or coding errors which may otherwise lead to a rejection. 
  • Patient Progress: InSync tracks important patient data to identify patterns and address health issues before they worsen. This progress monitoring can evaluate the effectiveness of treatment to determine what is and is not working. 
  • Global View: InSync places all your tools and features in one centralized location, giving users an easily-navigable dashboard to manage their workflow and operations. 
  • Revenue Cycle Management: In addition to submitting claims, InSync helps educate staff on why claims are denied in the first place. They can also receive an analysis of denial trends, recommendations on how to fix denied claims as well as eliminate recurring denials before they occur. 
  • Credit Card Processing: This tool allows users to conduct transactions seamlessly while avoiding costly chargebacks and increasing the convenience for a patient. This can help protect your organization from potential fines associated with lost, stolen or counterfeit credit cards. Additionally, patients can update information and make payments electronically. 

InSync Suite Support

phonePhone: Phone support is available directly via 877-246-8484.
schoolTraining: InSync helps your organization gather requirements and prepare for training to make sure the software meets your specific needs. Additionally, demos can be requested through their website.
local_offerTickets: Online forms to request support can be filled out by leaving your name, practice name, email, phone number and a description of the problem.

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