Benefits and Insights

Why use Celerity LLC?

Key differentiators & advantages of Celerity LLC

  • Eliminates Double-Entries: It has a one-write system that helps remove double-entries entered by mistake by asking questions.  
  • Review Treatment Plan Updates: It reviews psychosocial and treatment plan updates.  
  • Pre-Populated Records: It integrates discharge summaries and planning sections and pre-populates them from goals, diagnoses and number of sessions.  
  • Automated Processes: It automates processes such as billing validations and group scheduling.  
  • Easy to Use: It has the same top menu bar for all of its sections, making it easy for those with limited computer skills to make entries.  
  • Electronic Signatures: Patients can sign any e-document in their chart directly.  
  • Integrated Scheduling: CAM by Celerity LLC schedules clients and highlights their daily schedule with color codes.  

Industry Expertise

Celerity LLC's CAM, an end-to-end EMR solution, enables service providers and clinicians to provide care to residential, in-patient and out-patient customers. It has fully integrated diagnostic and treatment solutions. It has 150 clients and 5000 daily users across 30 states.

Key Features

  • Pre-Installed Rules: It has pre-installed rules that help practices maintain complete control of service limitations. It alerts staff when services are scheduled beyond allowable guidelines and claims are submitted with exceeded submissions. When minimum time prerequisites are met, it ensures that IOP services are billed correctly.  
  • ChartView Interface: Chart interface is intuitive, and it allows physicians to access, edit or add records in a patient’s chart in one dashboard.  
  • Lab Interface: Its lab interface increases operational efficiency by streamlining and automating workflows. It eliminates the need to maintain information manually.  
  • E-Prescribing: It supports computer-based electronic transmission, generation and filling out of medical prescriptions.  
  • Golden Thread: The system connects identified problems while assessing treatment plans and links goals from progress notes to treatment plans.  
  • Document Manager: It uploads documents and attaches them to the patient’s chart.  
  • Integrated Report Writer: Linked to all fields within company records, allowing users to create any type of report they want.  

Celerity LLC Support

mail_outlineEmail: Support via email can be found at [email protected]
phonePhone: Users can call Celerity LLC at 888-461-0226.
schoolTraining: Training options are not cited on the website.
local_offerTickets: Tickets can be created on Celerity LLC’s website by submitting your details on their contact form.

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