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Why use Shiftboard?

Key differentiators & advantages of Shiftboard

  • Efficiency:  Shiftboards scheduling tools help HR managers to build better schedules in less time. On average, implementing the system results in a 53% increase in schedule creation efficiency, and a 55% increase in the efficiency of managing shift changes. 
  • Optimized Workforce:  The system can help save on business costs by reducing the number of unnecessary shifts. The average user reduces scheduled hours by more than 7% and reduces overtime costs by more than 50%. 
  • Employee Performance:  With assistance from Shiftboard, HR managers can build better schedules that benefit employees as well as the business. As a result, the average user reports a more than 6% increase in employee productivity and a 40% decrease in turnover. 
  • Accuracy:  The intuitive system helps to optimize scheduling processes, reducing the average user’s number of scheduling errors by more than 50%. 

Industry Expertise

Shiftboard is designed to meet the needs of mid-size and enterprise businesses in a variety of industries. Some of those industries include healthcare, education and hospitality industries. Some of Shiftboard’s noteworthy users include Lush Cosmetics, Disney, United Airlines, South by Southwest and the University of Nebraska.

Key Features

  • Profiles:  The system can collect and store employee information such as contact information, credentials, skills and work history. This information can then be used to assign roles based on scheduling needs. 
  • Communication:  Shiftboard allows users to view the schedule online, notify staff of schedule changes and send direct messages to managers and employees. The system can send messages and notifications automatically so that all team members have access to the most up-to-date information. 
  • Demand Planner:  Forecast scheduling needs using historical data and patterns. This capability enables managers to build schedules and fill shifts based on predicted business needs. 
  • Tradeboard:  Employees can utilize the Tradeboard to switch shifts, while the system ensures that no shifts are double-booked. Managers can oversee shift-swapping and set rules to ensure compliance and that employees don’t pick up shifts that will put them into overtime. 
  • Reports and Analytics:  The system can collect data on shifts, employees, budgets, forecasts, labor costs and more. Generate reports and analyze this information at any time to help track spending within the context of budgets. 
  • Mobile:  Users can access the schedule at any time through any internet-connected device. Employees can view the schedule, update their availability, request time off and trade shifts, all through the mobile app. 


Some of the system's limitations include difficulty of use, limited feature capabilities and additional fees for add-ons and support. Before making a final decision on implementing a scheduling solution, consider the limitations listed below. Some of the product limitations include:

  •  Doesn't allow users to set a threshold for time off to be automatically approved 
  •  It offers limited permission-based roles to the administrator and employees 
  •  The calendar view is crowded and clunky 
  •  It doesn't provide system admin audit capability 
  •  The scheduling interface isn't user-friendly 

Suite Support

Shiftboard offers two Custom Success pricing packages to users:

  • Essentials: The cost of this package is included in the subscription fee and provides users with access to up to 5 hours of webinars, annual comprehensive reviews of the platform and one post-implementation training.
  • Premium: For an additional fee to the subscription cost users will receive support from experts within 4 hours of making an inquiry. This package also provides users with up to 20 hours of webinars and training, an assigned customer service manager, two post-implementation trainings, quarterly reviews of the platform and a semi-annual business review.
mail_outlineEmail: Users can send a message to support experts for help with any question that cannot be answered by the articles on Shiftboard’s support portal.
phonePhone: Users can contact support staff by phone by calling 1-(800)-583-1041.
schoolTraining: Users can access videos, guides and toolkits that help facilitate self-learning. Shiftboard’s blog also provides resources for users on a variety of topics.
local_offerTickets: Shiftboard does not allow users to submit support tickets.

Cost of Ownership

License/Subscription Cost
  • Subscription-based pricing model
  • A minimum subscription fee and number of users applies to all plans
  • Discounts are available for nonprofit organizations
  • Cost varies depending on the number of users, add-ons and the pricing plan
Maintenance Cost
  • The initial cost is included in the subscription fee
  • There is an additional fee for extra support services
  • Shiftboard offers two pricing packages for support
Installation/Implementation Cost Charges an additional fee to the subscription cost
Customization Cost
  • Cost varies depending on the functional requirements and modules added based on business requirements
  • There may be additional charges for single sing-on, payroll integration, third-party software integration and drop point service
Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching Cost
  • Cost varies depending on the amount of data to be migrated, availability of migration tools, the complexity of data and gaps between the current and new systems
Recurring/Renewal Costs Cost is equivalent to the monthly subscription fee based on the number of users, customization cost and the customer success package chosen

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