Benefits and Insights

Why use Schedule24 Scheduler?

Key differentiators & advantages of Schedule24 Scheduler

  • Helps you work out those weird or awkward rotating shifts. It will generate standard 24/7 shift patterns using the principles of best practice, with or without staff and then publish your staff schedule automatically.

  • Is the key to being more productive. You never have to leave the scheduling environment from the moment you create a new schedule, modify and maintain it; and checking for errors before publishing it to your team.

  • Enables managers to deliver unstructured employee schedules more effectively while introducing more structures approaches using the schedule wizard.

  • View and work on multiple schedules at the same time.

  • Record staff information and contact details, maintain multiple training records and qualifications. Profile individuals working hours and their availability to work.

  • Publish an extensive range of business reports in seconds, so you can present scheduling information for further analysis or help support other business processes, such as time and attendance reporting or staff time sheets. Export to PDF, spreadsheet, CSV and many other formats.

  • Schedule24 Scheduler automatically checks for staff availability, working hours, overtime thresholds and rest periods before publishing your schedules, ensuring accuracy and employee satisfaction.

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