Benefits and Insights

Why use QuickStaff?

Key differentiators & advantages of QuickStaff

  • Centralized Location: QuickStaff organizes all staff related information in a single location under the headings of event, staff and client. The events tab organizes crucial information like the event’s start date, time, name, staff confirmation and actions taken. The staff section contains details relevant to confirmed employees and their contact information, while the client section details information on the client and contact information. 
  • Robust Communication: QuickStaff facilitates robust communication between organizations and staff members as it is accessible via cloud and mobile applications. The mobile app ensures that last-minute changes are not missed by the parties involved and scheduling issues can be avoided. 
  • Simple Interface: It provides an easy-to-use interface, which simplifies staffing events. Users just have to create events and place staff members accordingly. It also helps businesses upgrade from cumbersome Excel sheets and the hassle of sending mass emails by automating these processes. 
  • Scalability: QuickStaff can scale according to the growing needs of businesses. Its platform can be used to handle single or multiple events. Its scalability can be tuned with the changing dynamics of the event management companies — where project requirements are diverse and can change from small events to big ones in a jiffy. 
  • Schedules Emails: It comes with tools to schedule emails, track staff responses and assign them roles on a first-come-first-served basis. Details of the event like start date, end date and time are sent via email to staff members who are assigned to it. Accordingly, the staff members can then accept or reject the roles as per their availability. 
  • Integrates Calendars: Users can synchronize QuickStaff with various calendar applications like Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal, and Yahoo to get acquainted with staff availability and anticipate low staffing weeks ahead of event dates. It also effortlessly tracks upcoming events. 
  • Easy-to-Use: QuickStaff has a high adoption rate among employees as it is easy-to-use and does not require training to get started on its features and offerings. 
  • Improves Attendance: It helps reduce employee no-shows and last-minute shift dropping by confirming staff attendance. It also notifies shift managers when employees haven’t confirmed their shifts. 
  • Saves Time: It makes life easier by organizing everything at a single location. Users don’t have to juggle multiple texts, calls and emails for a single event. 

Industry Expertise

QuickStaff provides support for sub-contractor and temporary employees scheduling for companies involved in such as event management, film and production and campus work.

Key Features

  • Staff Calendars: QuickStaff keeps staff organized with individual online calendars. Employees can view events assigned to them along with the details of events so that they can plan their jobs accordingly. Events are immediately added to calendars as they are accepted. 
  • One-Click Confirmation: Staff members can confirm their presence at a particular event using QuickStaff’s single-click confirmation option. It then automatically notifies the event creator of the acceptance. Employees can accept any number of events as long as the dates do not overlap. 
  • Event and Staff Management: QuickStaff users have no limit on the number of events they can create and the number of employees assigned for them. Event managers can create multiple events and can assign employees multiple shifts. 
  • Empty Shift Alerts: It sends timely alerts to scheduling managers in case an employee declines an event and a shift is understaffed. Reminders ensure that managers have a clear picture of the staff schedule and can assign more employees if shifts are understaffed. 
  • Scheduling Reminders: QuickStaff lets businesses schedule staff in advance and sends reminders ahead of the events. Once an employee accepts an event, it is added to their calendar and regular reminders are sent via email. 
  • Note Taking: It lets users take notes for each event and share them with their team members. These event notes, which are stored in its web application, can be shared with the team when necessary. 
  • Mobile and Tablet Accessible: QuickStaff’s interface is optimized for mobile phones and tablets so that the employers are not tied to their desks and can manage staff schedules on-the-go. It is supported by all web browsers and doesn’t require any software download to function. 
  • Templates: It provides pre-existing templates for event managers to save a dynamic team or a recurring event, which can be a ready resource for future scheduling needs. 


This product has the following limitations as of  the writing of this review:
  •  QuickStaff doesn’t have an attachment option for pdf files or word documents with emails. All text has to be typed out in the email body. 
  •  It doesn’t provide a shortcut to copy an event or the set of staff members assigned to an event for future use. 
  •  It can be difficult to use all its features initially. 

QuicKstaff Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is not visibly listed.
phonePhone: Phone support is not available at this time.
schoolTraining: The QuickStaff site has a FAQ and blog section to help users optimize the software according to their needs.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit tickets through QuickStaff’s site.

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