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Why use Branch App?

Key differentiators & advantages of Branch App

  • Automatic Notifications: The Branch platform sends notifications automatically to employees about new messages, upcoming shifts, shift approvals or rejections. Its chat feature facilitates messaging between employees without having to share personal information. 
  • Improves Workers’ Finances: The Branch app provides various budgeting tools that help employees to enhance their financial health. Employees can instantly access earned wages to pay their bills, unexpected expenses or emergencies ahead of the payroll period of two weeks.  
  • Boosts Earnings: It helps employees enhance their shift coverage and boost their earnings by picking up more shifts. 
  • Reduces Absenteeism Up to 43%: Branch offers a flexible platform for hourly employees to swap their shifts when their availability changes. This feature simplifies the scheduling process for shift managers and reduces employee absenteeism by as much as 43%. 

Industry Expertise

Branch schedules hourly staff in industries such as call centers, transportation, banking, fitness, hospitality, restaurant and retail.

Key Features

  • Self-Service Design: The Branch app offers a self-service platform to employees so that they can swap shifts as per their availability. The functionality eliminates administrative hassles and drastically reduces the scheduling time of the shift managers. 
  • AI Chatbots: Branch is designed with Artificial Intelligence chatbots to facilitate on-boarding of the staff, training, engagement and learning. 
  • Mobile Application: Branch's native mobile application helps employees manage their shift coverage, earnings, leaves, overtime and attendance. 
  • Communication Tools: It offers numerous features that strengthen communications within businesses and boosts coordination. Shift managers can broadcast important updates and announcements to ensure everyone is informed and important tasks are finished within deadlines. 
  • Reporting and Dashboards: The Branch app offers automated reporting tools and dashboards to report survey results in real time. Businesses can generate various customizable reports that can aid their improvement and help with employee performance reviews. 
  • Performance Benchmarking: The Branch app helps organizations compare their survey results with industry benchmarks and discover the areas that need improvement. Survey results can be used to improve the performance of an employee or shake up things high up the ladder. 
  • Integrations: It seamlessly integrates with various third-party applications like Zapier, Box, Salesforce and SAP. It also connects with the company’s external systems to complete team workflows. 

Branch Messenger Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Online queries can be sent to [email protected]
phonePhone: Phone queries can be directed to (800) 219 7212.
schoolTraining: Branch Messenger’s site features numerous articles to guide users on various topics related to product set-up and issues faced.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit tickets through Branch Messenger’s site.

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