Benefits and Insights

Why use Aladtec?

Key differentiators & advantages of Aladtec

  • Improved Accuracy: It offers checks and balances that help eliminate human errors while scheduling a workforce that has dynamic schedules and requires different levels of training. 
  • Automated Scheduling: Aladtec processes data in real time with tools like payroll management, scheduling, staff availability, web clock and absence management. 
  • Simplified Payroll Calculations: It simplifies payroll calculations for the staff by computing the number of hours put in by each employee. It lets employees track their schedules, organize their files and communicate efficiently with HR teams. 
  • Saves Time: Its digital offerings help companies save plenty of time, which is otherwise wasted on manual scheduling. The entire scheduling process can be completed in a matter of a few clicks, including preparation of new shift charts and modification of the previous ones. 

Industry Expertise

Aladtec offers solutions to public safety agencies, including EMS, fire and rescue, law enforcement, dispatch, and healthcare.

Key Features

  • Rotational Scheduling: The rotational scheduling feature allows the HR teams to vary repetitive processes and tasks between employees. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: Aladtec’s easy-to-use interface offers precise changes and updates. Schedules can be accessed from any device at the user’s convenience. Its configurable limits leave less room for scheduling errors and overtime. 
  • Daily Monitoring: Aladtec allows organizations to view and compare schedules with real time attendance, allowing efficient daily monitoring. It offers an optional time clock kiosk for the employers to track staff attendance and work hours. 
  • Improved Communication: Aladtec lets managers send texts and emails to the entire staff as a single group. It offers a built-in message board for employers and staff. 
  • Easy Integration: Aladtec integrates with the existing payroll or POS solutions, which eliminates mundane tasks and improves efficiency. 

Aladtec Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is not visibly listed.
phonePhone: Phone queries can be directed to the toll free number (888) 749 5550. International calls can be made to (715) 690 2300.
schoolTraining: The Aladtec site features free video tutorials for technical support. Users can also schedule free webcast training sessions.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit tickets on the Aladtec’s website for online queries or support.