Benefits and Insights

Why use Jaspersoft Embedded BI?

Key differentiators & advantages of Jaspersoft Embedded BI

Data Exploration 
  • Visualize any data including relational, OLAP, or Big Data sources with interactive HTML5 charts, maps and widgets 
  • Multi-Level Zoom quickly visualizes summary and detail data without having to create separate chart views - Complete browser-based analysis can be designed and deployed inside a web application or throughout the organization 

Powerful Analysis Interface 
  • Browser-based interactive interface supports drilling, slicing and dicing, pivoting, filtering, and interactive charting 
  • Utilize dozens of powerful built-in calculations to quickly perform advanced analysis of data 
  • View dimensional hierarchies within OLAP cubes utilizing dozens of data visualizations 

In-Memory Analysis Engines 
  • Columnar engine provides aggregation support that speeds response times against large and complex data sets 
  • Configurable in-memory or push-down query processing to the underlying analytic database maximizes response times for aggregations and calculations 
  • MDX and XML/A queries provide complex analytical functions against the Mondrian OLAP server and SQL Server Analysis Services

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