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Why use icCube?

Key differentiators & advantages of icCube

  • OS Independent: The browser-based nature provides flexibility for use on any OS including Windows, Linux and iOS.
  • Advanced Real-Time Processing: Users get data in real time with dashboards that they can set to automatically update when desired. Based on MDX, the standard language for multi-dimensional analytics, the solution enables direct access to Java and R for advanced mathematical calculations. Sophisticated drill-down and data navigation capabilities allow users to deeply analyze datasets.  
  • Configurable Design and Sophisticated Data Rendering: A user’s data is accessible from most devices, and can be presented in a mobile-friendly manner as needed. Configurable drag-and-drop dashboards and an extensive list of out-of-the-box widgets and in-depth data rendering means which and how data is presented is completely up to the user. 
  • Data Integration: Data is more informed, and its usage is streamlined with the product’s high level of integrability. Users can connect to any JDBC and custom database, on top of the ones the system is already integrated with, such as NoSQL, MongoDb, Google and relational databases. 
  • System Integration: The platform is designed to seamlessly embed into a company’s solution, including its existing authentication and authorization system (granular detail security). 
  • Free Version and Transparent Guaranteed Price: icCube offers a pared-down free version. License prices are transparent for the full duration of the contract so it can easily be accounted for in finances. Embedded pricing is independent of the number of instances and users, which makes the solution cost-effective for large installations. 

Industry Expertise

IcCube’s founders have more than 15 years of experience in software development for companies and developed it to fill the need of a thorough and high-quality BI tool. The product serves all industries, with more than 100 clients spread across 32 countries.

Current Customers

FIS Global Software Tools
Japan Stock Exchange Software Tools
Kantar Worldpanel Software Tools
 Software Tools
Newton Energy Group Software Tools
Rakuten Software Tools

Key Features

  • Embedded Analytics: The product can be embedded into a company’s software with customizable dashboards to streamline data access and decision making. Dashboards and widgets can be white-labeled to amalgamate with a company’s branding. 
  • Reporting: A dashboard editor lets users create reports and custom visualizations from a wide list of widgets and filters. They can set up deeply detailed data navigation and set all actions among widgets to create fully interactive dashboards. 
  • Real-Time Processing: It utilizes Java in-memory OLAP aggregation with an expanded MDX language, a multi-threaded calculation engine, caching and partitioning to optimize processing speeds and present data in real time, even on complex sets. 
  • Expanded MDX Language: On top of more than 150 standard MDX functions, it adds more than 50 new generic ones, plus 45 time intelligence functions and more than 300 MDX compliance tests to allow more in-depth, sophisticated data processing. It also includes a uniquely patented MDX debugger and profiler. 
  • Configurable Format: Dashboards and widgets are fully customizable, with settings to render properly in tablet, desktop or print mode views. Custom widgets can be developed in HTML, CSS or JS to allow for even further customization. 
  • Collaboration: The dashboard can be viewed from multiple devices simultaneously and includes collaborative features that enable users to comment on it in-platform. 
  • Predictive Analytics: Users can perform advanced mathematical modeling and forecasting algorithms through native Java and R integration. 
  • Virtually Unlimited Data Sources: The system integrates with major databases like Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB and Google and can combine that with internal data. It also supports custom sources to allow data to be extrapolated from any structured data source. 
  • Supports Five Languages: The console is available in English and French, while the Reporting Editor is available in English, French, German, Russian, and Chinese. 

icCube Suite Support

IcCube utilizes ("icCube" or "icCube-reporting" searches) for community-based support in developing and implementing the solution and its additions. The company employs a team of BI experts to assist in the usage of the product or train customers. It also offers standard support options, as described below:

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is provided at [email protected]
phonePhone: Phone support is not available.
schoolTraining: The vendor’s website provides a robust network of training materials under the “Academy” section. It also has thorough documentation on most features the product provides and release notes for each update, and a YouTube channel with how-to guides. Customers can also schedule a webinar through the website.
local_offerTickets: Support tickets can be submitted through the vendor’s website, through a digital form that asks for contact information, country and reason for request.
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It was very easy to integrate with our existing solution and I cannot overstate the quality of the support from icCube's staff. Their responsiveness made it possible for us to meet our deadlines and deliver a high quality product to our customers.

A note from icCube

IcCube is the Swiss business intelligence tool specialized in embedding production solutions, running in 24/7 systems where the BI is business critical, such as Rakuten, FIS Global and the Japan Stock Exchange.

You can seamlessly integrate advanced data analytics and 100% customizable dashboards into your product or solution, and directly connect to your solution’s authentication and authorization system.

With Swiss precision and reliability, icCube offers a fully flexible embedded BI solution with unbeatable support and transparent pricing.

- Nathalie Leroy, Head of Presales